Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this series of ficlets and/or short stories belong to those talented people at Square/Enix or whatever they are called now.

This is a series of Valentine's Day fics. Not all of them will contain smut, but they all are from the FF8 fandom, and the main pairing is, of course, Irvine and Squall. This will also be generally silly, have sappy moments and will hopefully be fun for you to read and fun for me to write. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Book of Love: Voucher 29
By Garden's Gnome

“Where are you, Squall?” Irvine called out as he closed and locked the door behind him. “I know you’re in here because your secretary called me the moment you got back. How could you go into Balamb for lunch without me?”

“Quite easily,” came the brunette’s voice from the vicinity of his desk even though Irvine couldn’t’ see him. “Besides, it made for a faster and cheaper trip.”

“Trip to where?” Irvine asked as he came around the desk. “Oh my…now that‘s an invitation if I ever saw one.”

Irvine leered down at his lover, the brunette sprawled on the floor, head and arms under his desk searching for something, leather clad ass in the air. Beside Squall sat a drawer from his desk, key still in the lock, its contents strewn across the floor. A pile of boxes bearing distinctive logos sat next to the drawer.

“You went supply shopping without me,” Irvine accused the brunette as he picked up one of the tubes of vanilla lube that was still in its box.

“You were in the middle of a class and I wanted to get this done as soon as possible. Can’t have Seifer and Zell using our personal supplies,” Squall said, still under the desk.

“So you brought new stuff just for them?”

“Yes, and when we get back from Esthar I’ll put it all in a box and give it to Seifer and put our stuff back in,” Squall said, coming out from under the desk, hitting his head in the process. “Ow, dammit.”

“What are you looking for, love?” Irvine asked as he gently rubbed the place Squall had hit his head.

“Key to the handcuffs so I can pack them away with the rest of our stuff,” Squall said as he squirmed back under the desk.

“Handcuffs…you’re taking everything out of the drawer then?”

“Yes,” Squall said with a long sigh. “They really don’t need to know what we get up to in my office, Irvine.”

Irvine looked around and noticed that the handcuffs that usually resided in the drawer were on Squall’s chair. Reaching over, the cowboy picked them up and grinned when he saw the key sitting under them.

“Hey Squall, did anything else go under the desk?” Irvine asked, watching his lover closely as the other man squirmed back out from under the desk.

“Yeah, one of the nearly empty tubes that I was going to toss in the bin,” Squall said as he sat up and faced his lover.

The whirr and snap of the handcuffs was loud in the quiet office. Squall stared at Irvine’s grin and before he could think to act, the brunette found he was cuffed to the bottom of his desk.

“Irvine,” he growled at his lover. “I don’t have the key for these here, the spare…”

“But I have the key right here,” the sniper said as he tossed the key into the air, catching it easily and placing it on the desk. “And now that I have you right where I want you…” the sniper said as he stroked a hand between Squall‘s legs.

“I don’t have time for this,” Squall said with a glare, even as he shivered under the touch. “Zell will be here in half an hour.”

“I guess I better get on with it then,” Irvine purred as he attacked his lover’s clothes

Squall tried to get away from Irvine’s touch but couldn’t go far, restrained as he was. Leather pants were easily removed under the cowboy’s expert hands, Irvine murmuring appreciatively at the pale skin underneath. Squall’s cotton shirt was pushed up over his head and pooled around his entrapped hands. Two brief tugs on his boots and Squall’s pants left his body entirely, ending up somewhere behind them.

Running his hands over all the skin he bared, Irvine reached out for the box that Squall was using for all their half empty tubes and other supplies and dragged it towards him, choosing a tube by feel. The delicious scent of chocolate came from the tube as Irvine squirted some of the clear gel onto his fingers. Tossing the tube to the side, Irvine licked the lube from his fingers, keeping it on his tongue as he held Squall’s pale cheeks apart and leaned forward.

Tensing at the first touch to his bared flesh, Squall mentally forced his body to relax and waited for the probing of slickened fingers. The touch never came, Squall’s surprised gasp loud as Irvine slathered lube over and into his rosy pucker with his tongue. Groaning as his lover’s tongue gently penetrated him, Squall couldn’t help but push back against the teasing touches that never went deep enough.

Irvine growled deep and dug his fingers in a little to hold Squall still as he licked and thrust his tongue over and into the heated flesh. Drawing back and leaning up on his knees, Irvine watched his lover tremble a little as he slicked his fingers with more lube. Pressing two fingers against the quivering skin, he thrust them deep, smiling as Squall buried his face into the fabric on his wrists and moaned Irvine’s name loudly. He began to move the two digits within his lover as his other hand moved to release his erection, hurriedly pushing his jeans out of the way. He carefully slipped a third finger into Squall and reached out to hold the brunette’s leaking cock, stroking it in time with the movement of his other hand.

“Still don’t want this, love? Irvine asked Squall, squeezing the length in his hand a little.

Squall whimpered quietly against his hands, body and mind warring for what they wanted.

“You know I won’t take you until you ask. That’s always been the rule for the handcuffs,” Irvine said, moving a little closer so Squall could feel the tip of his cock against his skin.

This time he turned and glared at the sniper.

“Come now love, it has always been easy to ask,” Irvine purred as he thrust his fingers hard and deep, striking sensitive nerves with great accuracy. “Ask…demand…beg…” Irvine said each time he withdrew his fingers and thrust them back into his lover’s hot body.

“God, Irvine,” Squall gasped out, thighs quivering as he moved back against the fingers within him.

“Say it, love, and this will be yours,” Irvine growled against Squall’s ear after pulling his fingers free of the brunette’s body and teasing the wet flesh with the tip of his own cock. “Say you want me.”

“Irvine…” Squall whimpered, feeling the loss of fullness that the snipers fingers had given him.

“Say it,” Irvine said as he applied a good coating of lube to his cock.

“Please,” Squall whispered.

“Pardon, love?”

“Dammit Irvine! Just fuck me already,” Squall hissed at the cowboy, glaring over his shoulder at his lover.

Reaching out with slick fingers, Irvine parted the pale globes of flesh and positioned the reddened tip of his cock against the fluttering pucker. Slowly he pushed, a low groan falling from his lips as he was drawn into the tight heat of his lover. Irvine paused, enjoying the feel of hot, wet flesh around his length as he gave his lover a few moments to adjust. A glare from Squall told him he’d waited to long and Irvine withdrew slowly from his lover’s body, plunging back into it hard and deep.

Squall couldn’t silence the yelp that came from his mouth as Irvine thrust back into him, causing his shoulder to glance off the edge of the desk. Luckily the commander’s office was soundproofed and so no one outside would hear them. He sent another glare over to his lover and then braced his shoulder against the desk.

Hearing the yelp, Irvine paused and brushed a hand over the red mark the desk had left on Squall’s skin. His whispered apology gained him a grunt from his lover as the brunette turned and braced his shoulder against the desk. Irvine frowned a little and pulled him back away from the desk. Placing his hand between Squall’s shoulder blades, Irvine pressed his lover towards the floor, leaving his pale bottom in the air.

“Better?” Irvine asked the brunette, smiling when his lover nodded and then wrapped his hands around the thick desk leg.

Sliding his palms flat along Squall’s back, Irvine grinned at the full body shiver that moved over the brunette as he scratched lightly over his bottom before placing his hands on Squall’s hips.


Squall’s answer was the tightening of muscles surrounding the length within him. Growling loudly, Irvine gripped the pale skin and began to move slowly. Each thrust into Squall drew some sound from the brunette, a whimper or a moan, sometimes a sigh. Wanting to hear more, Irvine picked up his pace, still thrusting deep but with more force, enough to move the body under him across the floor a little.

Squall knew he was going to have burns on his knees, bad ones. Twisting his head a little, he looked back over his shoulder at the sniper. Irvine was watching the slide of his cock as it disappeared into Squall’s body.

“Irvine…” Squall called out and smiled a little when the other man hummed at his. “Touch me.”

Irvine dragged his eyes away from watching his length and the tight flesh surrounding it to look down into heated blue eyes. He nodded absently and draped his body over Squall’s, sliding his hand over the brunette’s hip and grasping his cock. Squall’s deep moan made his whole body quiver as Irvine started to stroke him, unable to stop thrusting into the hand gripping him. Irvine’s other hand gripped his hip harder, fingers digging into the sweat slicked skin as they moved together. Irvine licked and nibbled at Squall’s shoulders and neck as Squall pushed back against him, gasping each time Irvine struck deep within him, body tightening towards release with each stroke. Irvine felt the quivering around him intensify and stroked his lover fast, Squall moaning quietly as he came over the hand stroking him. His body grasped at Irvine’s cock, the sniper cursing as he followed his lover into orgasm, slicking his insides with his hot release.

Panting as they came down from their release, Squall shook Irvine’s body off him, the sniper falling to the side and grinning at his glaring lover.

“What?” he asked.

“I’m going to have burns,” the brunette growled.

“Won’t be the first time,” Irvine said as he got up and retrieved the key and unlocked the cuffs.

Squall said nothing as he crawled up into his chair, flopping back with eyes closed. Hands slid along his naked legs and a wet tongue moved over his damp cock, gently cleaning the sensitive flesh. He buried his hands into Irvine’s long hair as the sniper cleaned him, squirming a little at the touch. Slitting his eyes open, Squall looked at his clock as he pulled Irvine up for a kiss.

“Shit, Zell will be here in five minutes,” he said, practically dropping his lover in on the floor as he grabbed up his clothing and began dressing.

Irvine dressed slowly, grinning as Squall bounced around as he wriggled back into his leather pants, frowning a little at the large red marks on his lover’s knees. Reaching out, Irvine snagged the handcuffs off the floor and dropped them into the box, closing and locking the drawer before handing the keys to Squall. Shoving the keys into his pocket, Squall sat down in his chair as reached out for his boots. Irvine knelt at his feet and handed him the first boot, pausing as Squall smiled at him.


“While you’re down there…” the brunette said as he tossed a piece of paper at the sniper.

Opening the paper, Irvine looked at the words and then up at his lover. “You want a toe massage?” he asked, tossing the page onto the desk, the words Love Voucher: A Toe Massage facing upwards.

“Yes,” Squall said, hitting a couple of buttons on his console. “It’ll help explain the chocolate smell,” Squall said as Irvine heard the quiet whirr of fans cleaning the air in the office.

A few minutes later, Zell knocked on the door and strolled into the room.

“Heya Squall. What’s with the box?” he asked.

“I’ll be taking that,” Irvine said as he stood up from behind the desk, grinning as Zell’s eyes widened in shock.

“Maybe I should come back later,” the tattooed blonde said as he hurried towards the door, cheeks red.

“Irvine was just leaving,” Squall said as he pulled his boots back on. “Take the voucher with you,” Squall said to his lover as the cowboy leaned down and placed a light kiss on his lips.

“Voucher?” Zell asked.

“Yeah, I was giving Squall a toe massage. What did you think I was doing?” Irvine asked, lavender eyes dancing with suppressed mirth as he gathered up the box and voucher and left the room.

To be continued…

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