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Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this series of ficlets and/or short stories belong to those talented people at Square/Enix or whatever they are called now.

This is a series of Valentine's Day fics. Not all of them will contain smut, but they all are from the FF8 fandom, and the main pairing is, of course, Irvine and Squall. This will also be generally silly, have sappy moments and will hopefully be fun for you to read and fun for me to write. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Book of Love: Voucher 22
By Garden's Gnome

“Where are we sitting, Squall?” Irvine asked over his shoulder as the brunette stopped behind him to get a lunch tray from the cafeteria staff.

Stopping next to the cowboy, Squall scanned the tables full of chatting SeeD and cadets.

“Over there,” the brunette said, leading the way to the far side of the cafeteria.

“It’s not fair!” Squall heard from the table he approached.

“Good afternoon, Commander,” Quistis greeted Squall as he arrived at the table.

“Quistis, Selphie, Xu and Nida,” Squall greeted each of the current occupants of the table as he sat down and pulled a chair out for Irvine.

“Hey all,” Irvine said as he dumped his tray on the table.

Various greetings came from the others, Selphie pulling a face at Squall before grinning and saying hello as well.

“You’re still mad at me?” Squall asked as he looked over his lunch tray and decided to eat his soup first.

“Yes,” the green-eyed woman said as she briefly looked away from their table and around the lunchroom. “You know I’m the head of the festival committee and have got the Valentine’s Dance to plan.”

“I also know that you want to interfere in Seifer’s and Zell’s friendship,” Squall said, following Selphie’s eyes and seeing Zell enter the cafeteria. “They are doing fine on their own.”

“But…” Selphie started to argue.

“No, Selphie. We discussed this yesterday. You will leave tomorrow for Winhill, relieve Seifer of his duties and then return here in a week and a half with Fuujin. Plenty of time to prepare for the dance.”

“Yes, Commander,” Selphie agreed quietly.

Squall went back to eating his soup, eyes noting the way Nida looked at the slightly unhappy woman beside him. Irvine had told Squall of the pilot’s interest in their petite friend, and by the look of it she had no idea. He made a metal note to be near Selphie on the night of the dance when Nida confessed his interest.

“It’s till not fair,” Selphie complained loudly, banging her hand down onto the table hard enough to cause something on everyone’s tray to slosh around.

For Squall the sloshing was his soup, which had been paused just beyond his mouth, the liquid on the spoon spilling over the edge and onto his shirt. Everyone held their breath as Squall calmly put down his spoon and reached across the table, dipping his fingers into Selphie’s own half-finished soup and flicking them at her face.


“You started it,” Squall said with a smirk as he again dipped his fingers and flicked soup at the woman once more.

“Stop it, Squall,” Nida said coming to Selphie’s defence, grabbing his commander’s hand, Squall trying to dodge the pilot and ending up with both their hands in Selphie’s plate of stew and mashed potato. “Now look what you’ve done,” the pilot complained, eyeing his soiled cuffs and flicking the potato off his hand.

Some of it landed on Irvine.

“That…” Irvine said as he scraped the white substance off his clothing and popped the finger in his mouth, “is a declaration of war.”

Quistis and Xu looked at each other and then leaned back as far as they could when Irvine scooped up a handful of cooked vegetables and let fly at Selphie and Nida, who retaliated with more of the mashed potato from Selphie’s plate. Food flew back and forth across the table until their plates were empty, squeals and laughter sounding out in the cafeteria, the other students watching as their commander and his friends threw food at each other. Then Irvine turned his attention to the two untouched plates on the table as Nida‘s attention shifted from the men he had been throwing food at to something behind them.

“No,” Quistis said as she grabbed up her plate and stood from the table to keep it out of Irvine’s reach as the sniper grinned at her, Xu following her lead.

“I might have to report you to the disciplinary committee, ya know,” came Raijin’s deep voice from behind Irvine and Squall as he placed large hands on their shoulders.

“You are the disciplinary committee,” Zell pointed out as he approached the table, finally deciding it was safe enough. “So what were you guys doing?” the tattooed blonde asked.

“Just having some lunch,” Irvine said innocently as he pulled bits of peas and potato out of his lover hair. “Join us?” he offered, indicating the two seats that Quistis and Xu had abandoned in favour of a quieter table.

“Ah thanks, but no thanks,” Zell said and wandered off to sit with the two women.

“Well, that was fun,” Selphie said as Nida helped her wiped splatters of liquid off her face.

Irvine grinned at Nida when he caught the pilot’s eye, laughing a little at blush that began to cover the pilot’s cheeks. Nida quickly turned his attention to his own food-splotched clothing.

“My job here is done,” the sniper proclaimed as he stood up and grabbed his and Squall’s ruined lunch trays in one hand and his lover’s arm in the other, pulling the brunette to his feet.

“See you later,” Squall said to Nida and Selphie as he was dragged from the table.

“Let’s go get cleaned up, love,” Irvine said as he dropped their trays on a cleaners cart and walked towards the cafeteria door.

“I guess we won’t be needing this now,” Squall said to his companion, pulling a voucher from his pocket and handing it to the other man.

Irvine opened the folded piece of paper and laughed as he read the printed text. Love Voucher: A Food Fight.

“I even brought two cans of whipped cream for it,” Squall said as he went to grab the paper back.

“Hang on, love, I think we can find a use for those cans,” Irvine said with a grin as he pocketed the voucher.

Entwining their sticky hands together, Squall answered his lover’s grin with a small smile and followed him to their rooms.

To be continued…

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