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Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this series of ficlets and/or short stories belong to those talented people at Square/Enix or whatever they are called now.

This is a series of Valentine's Day fics. Not all of them will contain smut, but they all are from the FF8 fandom, and the main pairing is, of course, Irvine and Squall. This will also be generally silly, have sappy moments and will hopefully be fun for you to read and fun for me to write. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Book of Love: Voucher 21
By Garden's Gnome

“Squall, you home yet?” Irvine called out as he entered their apartment.

Placing the file he was carrying on the coffee table, Irvine strolled over to the phone and keyed the messages button, smiling down at the small card that sat next to the phone.

“Irvine, it’s me,” came the commander’s voice, sounding very tired. “I’m in a meeting with Selphie, Seifer and Fuujin. I have no idea how long this is going to take,” the brunette said with a sigh. Irvine frowned at the drawn out sigh and continued to listen closely. “I left the book in the top drawer of the dresser on my side of the bed. Any voucher that is a bath is for today. I…“ Squall began to say and then there was the sound of a door opening and closing. “I’ll see you when I get home.”

Staring at the phone as it clicked off, Irvine was tempted to call his lover and see if he was okay. Obviously Squall had just told Selphie that she would be trading places with Seifer in Winhill. Knowing the petite brunette, she probably protested long and loudly while trying not to let Seifer know that what she really wanted was to spy on him and Zell.

And Squall had been caught in the middle.

Walking into the bedroom, Irvine opened the drawer on Squall’s side of the bed and withdrew the Book of Love. Flicking through the pages he came across two vouchers containing what Squall had requested. In the main room the phone rang and Irvine hurriedly tore one of the two vouchers from the book and ran to answer the phone.

“Kinneas here.”

“The commander is on his way, Instructor Kinneas,” Squall’s secretary told him.

“Thanks,” Irvine replied before hanging up.

Looking down at the voucher in his hand, Irvine quickly placed a call to the cafeteria asking for some dinner to be sent up to the commander’s rooms. He had a lover to pamper and wouldn’t have time or energy to cook.

Ten minutes later Squall arrived, stepping through the door and tiredly leaning back against it as it closed behind him. He could hear water running and slowly made his way to the bathroom.

Movement out of the corner of his eye alerted Irvine of his lover’s arrival, the sniper looking up and smiling at the brunette half slumped in the doorway.

“Hey, babe,” Irvine said quietly, moving away from the tub filling with water to greet his lover.

“Hey yourself,” Squall responded, smiling as the cowboy gently pressed their lips together. “Is that my bath?”

“Sure is,” Irvine said, turning back to the nearly ready bath.

“There are bubbles in it,” Squall stated, noting the white froth that increased as the water poured into the tub.

Irvine waved a distracted hand in the direction of the bathroom cabinet as he tested the temperature of the water; smiling as he heard the brunette pick up the voucher he had torn from the book and read it. In his mind he could picture the words printed on the paper - Love Voucher: A Bubble Bath and Champagne. Standing, the cowboy moved to where his lover stood and took the piece of paper from his hand.

“You need to strip and have a quick shower before climbing into the tub,” Irvine said as he shut off the water and stood, approaching Squall and beginning to pull the jacket from his body.

Squall did not protest the undressing, allowing Irvine to remove his clothing as he wished. For each piece of clothing the he removed, Irvine placed a gentle kiss on a newly bared skin. A kiss on the inside of Squall’s arm as the jacket hit the floor and Irvine stretched his arms above his head; a brush of lips over a newly exposed nipple while he pulled the white shirt off and dropped to the floor as well. Kneeling on the floor, Irvine removed Squall’s shoes and socks, drawing up the leg of the brunette’s pants so he could kiss the indentations left by the top of his lover’s socks. Next he unclasped Squall’s black pants, lips moving over a pale hip as he pulled them down so Squall could step out of them.

Irvine smiled up at Squall from his place on the floor, continuing to smile as the brunette reached out for him, pulling him up for a kiss. Leaning in for the kiss, Irvine laughed at Squall’s growl when the doorbell rang in the main room.

“Shower, Squall,” Irvine commanded his lover, giving the bare bottom a playful smack as the brunette stepped into the glass cubicle before leaving the room.

Squall scrubbed down quickly, trying to keep quiet so he might hear what Irvine was doing. The cowboy returned to the bathroom as Squall shut the water off and stepped out to have a towel wrapped around him. A loud pop sounded and Squall turned to see Irvine filling two glasses with champagne. One he handed to the brunette, the other was place on the vanity along with the bottle, Irvine then proceeding to strip out of his clothing quickly and hurry into the shower cubicle.

“Give us a second, Squall,” Irvine called out as the water came on and he scrubbed down too.

On the other side of the glass, Squall admired the tanned, wet flesh of his lover as Irvine cleaned his body. Sipping the drink in his hand, Squall leaned back against the sink behind him and continued to watch.

“Enjoying the show?” Irvine asked as he stepped out of the shower, not bothering with a towel as he grabbed up his glass and the bottle.

“Very much,” Squall purred, running a hand over his lover’s damp butt as the sniper leaned down and placed the bottle beside the tub.

Irvine wiggled his legs and bottom a little at the appreciative touch before standing and stepping into the tub. Reaching out, he held out a hand for Squall to hold as he too stepped into the warm, frothy water.

“You’re lucky this is big enough for the two of us,” the brunette said as Irvine stepped closer to him.

“I knew falling for you was a good idea,” Irvine whispered, looking down into blue eyes as they stood in the tub before bringing his glass to his lips and taking a drink, Squall mimicking the move with a small smile touching his lips.

Reaching out, Irvine placed his hand around Squall’s as it held his glass, making sure the brunette didn’t drop it in the tub as he slowly poured what was left of his own drink over his lover’s freshly scrubbed body. Squall shivered a little at the touch of cool bubbly liquid falling across his bare flesh, the gasp of surprise becoming a quiet moan as the sniper leaned down to suck the liquid from his skin. Irvine kept his hand around Squall’s as he travelled down his lover’s body, lips and tongue moving over every bit of champagne wet flesh. He paused at Squall’s chest, suckling at he wet nubs until they were hard against his tongue. He felt Squall’s free hand grip his hair as he bit down, gunblade-calloused fingers pressing him closer to the brunette’s chest. Irvine laved the tender nub gently with his tongue as he slid his cold glass down the ribs exposed under Squall’s lifted arm, smile at the shiver his lover gave at the touch. Continuing down the pale skin under his tongue, Irvine teased Squall’s navel, slurping loudly as he sucked any drops of sweet champagne hiding in the fleshy hollow. Teasing the trail of hair below it, Irvine kneeled at his lover’s feet, water and bubbles not swimming about his waist as he ran his tongue along the underside of Squall’s hard cock.

Squall would have dropped his glass if it hadn’t been for Irvine’s added grip as the sniper took his length into his mouth. Groaning loudly at the movements of the sniper’s tongue, Squall lowered the hand still holding the glass, Irvine taking the hint and removing the glass from Squall’s grip. The brunette hissed as the last of his champagne was poured directly over his cock, only the tip held between Irvine’s lips, twitching slightly as the bubbly liquid fell over it and trickled through crisp curly hair and down his legs. Irvine drew Squall’s cock into his mouth again, sucking briefly before moving back and letting it drop form his lips. Shifting his attentions, the cowboy tongued the brunette’s damp balls, gathering droplets of champagne, his hands moving to massage the muscular bottom of his lover.

Fingers still woven through the sniper’s damp auburn hair, Squall couldn’t help but rock a little in time with the licking and massaging. He pressed back against the hands that held him, silently asking Irvine to continue on to other things. Squall felt the change in his lover’s hands, no longer supporting him but drawing him down into the tub so that he sprawled across the sniper’s now reclined body. Full skin contact caused the both to gasp and Squall rubbed his whole body against Irvine’s, the sniper groaning as his hands clasped Squall’s bottom and forced him closer as their cocks rubbed against each other.

Squall’s lips fastened on Irvine’s neck and sucked at the shower damp skin as the cowboy reached for the lube that they had learnt to keep near the tub. Gel slickened fingers teased the brunette’s entrance, one pushing past the ring of muscle and causing them both to groan. Pressing back against the single digit, Squall left the reddened spot of his lover’s neck, moving to thrust his tongue between the cowboy’s panting lips, Irvine immediately sucking it into his mouth as he slid two fingers into his lover. Squall’s rocking back against the fingers within him caused their erections to rub together, heightening both their arousal.

“Can’t wait,” Irvine gritted out against the other’s lips as he rubbed his fingers over Squall’s prostate, causing the brunette to arch against him.

“Then don’t,” Squall said as Irvine lifted him up, only taking enough time to rub the gel left on his fingers over his own hard cock before slowly sliding deep into his lover.

The welcome fullness inside him caused Squall to groan loudly, his body stretching and moulding itself around the cowboy‘s length. Irvine’s hands travelled to his hips, encouraging a slow movement until they found a suitable rhythm. Pressing up into his lover’s heat, Irvine watched the brunette’s cock as it bobbed with each movement of Squall’s body, the tip beginning to leak tiny drops of pearly liquid. Catching his lover’s eye, Irvine looked back down at the hardened length, smiling as Squall’s hand came down to wrap around it. Moaning his appreciation at the view, Irvine flexed his hips upwards a little faster and was rewarded with a surprised gasp as he hit the pleasure nerves within his lover. Squall immediately moved a little faster and thrust down a little harder, wanting to feel more of the flashes of pure ecstasy along his veins. He could feel Irvine ‘s fingers dig into his skin, the Galbadian using the grip to pull Squall down even faster as he continued to thrust upwards.

Water sloshed around their moving bodies, splashing over the side of the tub unnoticed by either of them as they drew closer to release, Irvine’s name falling from Squall’s lips as he rode his lover. Between one second and the next, Squall’s body tensed around the sniper’s cock, the brunette shouting out as orgasm hit him and his cock released streams of white across the other’s chest. Squall’s passage clenched around Irvine’s cock and milked it for all it had as it spurted hot semen within his body.

Slumping against Irvine’s chest, Squall’s smile was a sated curve of the lips as his lover’s spent organ slid from him, the sniper’s release trickling from his body.

“Not exactly what I had in mind for my bath,” Squall said as he relaxed against the other man.

“Are you complaining?” Irvine asked, poking his lover in the ribs as he carefully manoeuvred them into a sitting position. “I thought you’d appreciate a relaxing bath with me.”

“Not complaining. Just making an observation on a bath that was far from relaxing. More invigorating than anything else,” the brunette replied with a small smile, head still resting in Irvine’s shoulder.

“Well, I guess that observation is allowed,” the sniper said with a grin. “C’mon, we have to have a quick shower and get cleaned off again,” Irvine said as he helped Squall to stand and then followed him in getting out of the tub. “And then over dinner, you can tell me all about Selphie’s reaction to her mission next week.”

To be continued…

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