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Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this series of ficlets and/or short stories belong to those talented people at Square/Enix or whatever they are called now.

This is a series of Valentine's Day fics. Not all of them will contain smut, but they all are from the FF8 fandom, and the main pairing is, of course, Irvine and Squall. This will also be generally silly, have sappy moments and will hopefully be fun for you to read and fun for me to write. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Book of Love: Voucher 2
By Garden's Gnome

The paper bag rustled as Irvine put his purchases into it; a dozen scented candles and bottles of Squall’s favourite shampoo and conditioner. The cowboy smiled as he rolled the top of the bag closed and fished some gil out of a pocket. They’d never had a delivery van at Galbadia Garden like they did at Balamb and Irvine found himself grateful for the convenience of not having to go into town himself.

“Irvine, have you seen Squall?” the sniper heard Selphie ask from behind him as he paid the van driver for the goods he had just brought.

“Not since this morning, Sefie. He went to get Laguna and Kiros from Esthar while I was teaching class,” Irvine told his friend as watched the van pull out of the Garden car park. He turned and starting walking down the hallway.

“Got something planned for tonight?” Selphie asked, trying to grab the bag and get a peek inside.

“Yes, I do have something planned, so please make sure that no one interrupts us,” Irvine said as he easily held the bag out of the shorter woman’s reach.

“Ohhh, would it have anything to do with this?” the petite brunette asked, holding up a piece of folded paper.

Irvine patted the pocket of his duster where he had placed the love voucher that Squall had given him before leaving to collect his father from Esthar. The Galbadian was sure his lover muttered something about needing it after having to fly with Laguna before the door to Irvine’s quarters closed behind the brunette. Irvine had opened the piece of folded paper and smiled before placing a call to the delivery van for a special order.

“Love voucher: a sensual hair shampoo,” Selphie read out before Irvine managed to grab the voucher back. “Oh, how romantic,” she said, batting her eyelashes and sighing happily.

Irvine shoved the paper back into his pocket and continued down the hallway and into the Garden proper.

“So, has he given you any of the more kinky ones yet?” Selphie asked before placing a hand firmly over her mouth.

“That was you who left the book on the copier then,” Irvine said, stopping to tower over his friend. “What did you do?”

“Nothing,” Selphie said a little too quickly and then started to squirm in her boots under watchful lavender eyes. “Look, I just copied a couple of pages and…sent them to people.”

“Is that all?”

“Well…I signed them as being from other people,” Selphie said, flashing her teeth in a quick grin.

“What?! Selphie, this book is not a toy,” Irvine said.

Selphie quirked a slim brown brow at him, her silent argument obvious.

“It’s not a toy, Sefie,” Irvine repeated as he turned and headed towards the dorms. “What you’ve done could cause problems, big ones. Who did you give them to?”

“I’d rather it be a surprise,” Selphie said.

“Who?” Irvine asked with a small growl.

“All right. I put a couple in the guest rooms that Laguna usually stays in.”

“And?” Irvine asked knowing that she would have done more.

“And that’s all I’m going to say. There rest will be a nice surprise if I’m right about them.”


Selphie just looked up at the sniper with wide green eyes and shook her head at him, her lips pressed tightly closed.

“Selphie, if trouble rises from this,” Irvine started to say as he stopped and keyed the code to Squall’s rooms, “I won’t save you from them. I will tell them what you did.”

Selphie just shrugged and smiled. “Catch you later, Irvine,” she called over her shoulder as she left the cowboy standing alone in the corridor.

Irvine sighed and stepped through the doorway. Selphie could deal with that little mess herself when it blew up in her face, Irvine thought to himself as he moved into the bathroom and began to find places for all his candles.

***** ***** *****

Later that afternoon, Irvine was in the small kitchenette drinking juice when the he heard the door slide open.

“I’m in here,” he called out to his lover and a few moments later Squall walked around the corner, massaging his temples.

“That bad huh?” Irvine asked moving to continue the massage as the brunette’s arms dropped to his side.

“He kept forgetting things,” Squall said with a relieved sigh as he leaned his head against the sniper’s shoulder. “We even spent an hour waiting for Kiros until Laguna remembered that Kiros was going to meet us at the air station.”

Irvine just smiled and mentally shook his head. Laguna wasn’t usually overly forgetful. “He was probably just excited about getting out of Esthar for a couple of days,” Irvine said aloud.

“They’ve decided to stay for the week,” Squall said, pulling away to look up at Irvine. “And are expecting us to go out to dinner with them tonight.”

“Oh,” Irvine said quietly, watching his well planned evening dissolve away into nothingness.

“I’ve got to have a shower.”

“I’ll join you,” Irvine said, quickly passing his lover and heading into the bathroom. “Just give me a minute,” he added, closing the door behind him.

Quickly moving about the room, Irvine closed the blinds tight, plunging the room into near darkness. He then lit all the candles and turned on the shower, stripping while the water warmed to the right temperature. Draping a towel around his slim hips, the cowboy opened the door.

“Your shower awaits, Commander,” he said with a bow and stepped aside to let Squall into the bathroom. He watched the brunette look at all the candles before explaining the changes by handing Squall the voucher.

“I was saving this for tonight but who knows how long we’re going to be up with your father.”

Stripping off his towel, Irvine stepped into the shower, testing the water while Squall undressed. When the brunette joined him, Irvine slid the door closed and pulled his lover under the warm spray. Neither of them spoke as Irvine thoroughly wetted Squall’s hair before directing the spray of water more towards the floor.

“Lean against me,” Irvine said, grabbing up the bottle of shampoo and squirting some into his hand.

Squall closed his eyes and placed his forehead on Irvine’s chest, arms moving to loosely encircle Irvine’s wet hips. Breathing through his mouth, he relaxed as the sniper’s long fingers briskly massaged the shampoo through his hair, cleaning away the dust and sweat of Esthar. He tilted his head back obediently as Irvine continued to rub at his scalp, gasping a little as the movement caused their hips to press together as his back arched, suds from the shampoo making their bodies slide easily together. He felt Irvine’s smile as the sniper briefly pressed their lips together before pulling away and readjusting the nozzle to rinse Squall’s hair out.

Still smiling as thick white suds were sucked down the drain, Irvine poured some conditioner into a hand and with the other, turned Squall around so that they were facing back to front. Squall’s head dropped back against Irvine’s shoulder as his long fingers gently but firmly massaged his head, neck and occasionally his shoulders, small sighs of pleasure escaping his damp lips.

Irvine couldn’t help but lean that little bit and capture those lips in a slow kiss. Squall responded by draping an arm about the sniper’s neck, opening his mouth, tongue flicking against Irvine’s as they kissed leisurely. A chuckle rumbled from Irvine’s chest at Squall’s needy panting as his hands travelled down over the brunette’s slick skin to gently massage conditioner into the dark curls surrounding Squall’s hard cock.

“You never stipulated which hair was getting the massage, love,” Irvine murmured into Squall’s ear, biting the lobe gently as he continued to run his fingers up and down either side of Squall’s firm length, never purposefully touching the velvety flesh.

“Irvine,” Squall whispered with a gasp as the cowboy ran his slicked palms back up over the flat stomach to twist his nipples. He couldn’t help but arch into the touch, causing his hips to shift backwards and rub firmly over Irvine’s own cock.

Hearing his own answering groan as Squall’s firm flesh rubbed over him, Irvine dropped his hands down to pull the hard body back against him, the conditioner lingering on the brunette’s skin allowing Irvine’s length to easily slip between his cheeks. Irvine pushed against the firmness surrounding him, panting against his lover’s neck as Squall rocked back against him. Reaching around the brunette, Irvine wrapped his fingers around Squall’s cock, creating a tight tunnel for him to pump into as he stroked him. Irvine’s other hand found its way lower and gently kneaded Squall’s heavy balls, the brunette moaning out his appreciation of the touch. Irvine could feel the tremble in Squall’s body and hastened his release by biting down on the skin under his lips, Squall letting out a small cry as he spurted hotly over Irvine’s hand, the white liquid dripping down and getting swept towards the drain.

Irvine stopped his own movements as he adjusted the spray to rinse Squall off as the brunette slowly sank towards the floor, legs no longer willing to support him. About to join him, Irvine cursed loudly as Squall’s mouth engulfed him and began sucking, hand coming up to encircle the base of Irvine’s hard cock. All the cowboy could to was place a hand against the tiled wall for support as his world flashed white and he came deep in his lover’s mouth, Squall drinking down what he could before wrapping his arms around Irvine’s shoulders as the sniper joined him on the floor. Water beat down on them as they kissed lazily, Irvine licking up the stray dribbles of his own fluids that Squall had been unable to drink down.

“Fuck, Squall,” Irvine said as they knelt on the floor of the shower panting.

“Later,” Squall said with a small smile as he reached out and grabbed some soap. “We have to get ready for dinner,” he added, kissing his lover lightly before beginning the task of them both clean.

To be continued…

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