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Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this series of ficlets and/or short stories belong to those talented people at Square/Enix or whatever they are called now.

This is a series of Valentine's Day fics. Not all of them will contain smut, but they all are from the FF8 fandom, and the main pairing is, of course, Irvine and Squall. This will also be generally silly, have sappy moments and will hopefully be fun for you to read and fun for me to write. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Book of Love: Voucher 19
By Garden's Gnome

“Irvine? Can I come back in yet?” Squall asked as he poked his head through the door to their apartment.

Frowning when no answer came, Squall walked into the main living area, scanning the room for signs of his lover. They had eaten dinner here not an hour previous, Irvine then booting his lover out of the whole apartment saying that he had to make preparations for the latest voucher. Squall had given him an hour before returning, curious to see what his lover had done considering the nature of the page he’d torn from the Book of Love.

Checking the kitchen, Squall noted that the dishes had been cleaned up and put away. On the bench sat a single burning candle, the jar of lube from their picnic romp sitting next to it. Reaching out, Squall picked up the jar and then jumped a little as the lights went out.

Blast, he thought as he walked out of the kitchen and back into the lounge room, heading to check the fuses in the closet near the entrance to the apartment. It was then he noticed the soft glow coming from his and Irvine’s bedroom. Changing directions, the brunette quietly headed for the partially open door, breath catching in his throat as he pushed it open and beheld the sight before him.

Candles glowed brightly from random resting places about the bedroom, their soft light heightening the beauty of the man on the bed. Freshly showered and with droplets of water still clinging to his skin, Irvine lay naked upon the dark blue sheets, legs resting apart, flat stomach taunt, damp auburn hair fanning out on the pillow under his head, arms stretched above his head, hands secured to the thick headboard rail with shining silver handcuffs. Resting on the sniper’s groin was the voucher that Squall had given him that morning - Love Voucher: A Bonk, beneath the printed words ‘for the commander’s bonking pleasure’ written in Irvine’s lazy scrawl.

Standing in the doorway, Squall couldn’t take his eyes from the glowing skin or the water droplets that sparkled on it, licking his lips at the thought of lapping them from his boyfriend’s flesh. He heard a quiet moan and heated blue eyes met with darkened lavender, Irvine biting his lip at the lust he saw in his lover’s eyes.

“For my pleasure?” Squall asked as he moved away from the door, tossing the jar onto the bed and slowly shedding his clothing to tease his lover a little.

“Yes,” Irvine answered in a whisper.

“Why?” Squall asked as his jacket and shirt slipped from his fingers to the floor. He placed his foot up on a chair and ran his hands slowly along his thigh, over his knee and down to unbuckle his boot.

Irvine shifted on the bed, a small sound of need in the back of his throat as Squall removed his other boot in the same way, stroking his hands over his thighs to his hips. He watched the belts his lover wore disappear to the floor as well and then Squall was approaching the bed.


“You were such a turn on yesterday in the office before the meeting, all dominant and the like,” the cowboy said quickly as the bottom of the bed dipped under Squall’s weight.

“Was I now?” Squall asked, a small smile gracing his lips as he reached out and stroked a finger over the arch of Irvine’s foot.

“Yes,” Irvine said softly, foot twitching a little at the touch.

“I could feel how much you enjoyed it,“ Squall said, remembering the feel of Irvine’s arousal against his hip as they pulled apart when the others had arrived at his office. “And you want more of that?” Squall asked, stroking the palm of his hand along Irvine’s leg up to his knee.

“Mmmm,” Irvine mumbled, nodding, handcuffs rattling as he moved.

“What else do you want, love?” Squall wanted to know as he crawled between the sniper’s parted legs and run his hand along the quivering thigh.

“I want you to take me,” Irvine whispered, head lifting to watch Squall’s hand as it poised over the piece of paper on his body.

Squall looked up to watch his lover as he traced a fingernail over the paper, running it along the hardened length underneath the page. Irvine’s eyes fell shut and his mouth fell open as his hips lifted, seeking more contact.

“Touch me dammit,” he urged the brunette as Squall withdrew his hand.

“Soon, love. Soon,” Squall promised as he moved back down to the end of the bed and lifted up one of Irvine’s feet.

Applying a firm pressure, Squall began to massage the foot in his hand, noting the way Irvine’s toes curled in response to the touch. Having Irvine at his mercy was not something that happened very often and Squall knew he had to make the most of it. Leaning down, the brunette licked his tongue along the arch of the sniper’s foot before drawing a toe into his mouth. Irvine’s skin tasted clean and held a light scent of the vanilla and sandalwood soap he used. Squall heard the frustrated but appreciative moan above him as he treated both of Irvine’s feet to the same loving care, lapping up the water that Irvine had missed in his haste to dry off.

“Squall,” Irvine whined softly, wriggling the toe the brunette was sucking on.

There was a wet popping sound as the toe fell from Squall’s lips, the foot bouncing on the mattress as he let it drop back to the bed. Placing a hand on each of Irvine’s ankles, Squall slowly ran his hands along the snipers legs, gently pushing them apart as he moved up the bed. He heard Irvine suck in a breath of air as he lowered his head, but he moved a little off to one side and licked the skin just beyond the dark curly hair that nestled the snipers erection, gathering up errant water droplets on his tongue. Squall smiled against the skin under his lips when he heard Irvine grumble, the sound becoming a grunt as the brunette bit the skin lightly and sucked it into his mouth.

“If you’re going to give me a hickey, Squall, come up here,” Irvine said, sounding more than a little impatient at Squall’s sedate pace.

Pulling back, Squall admired the dark red mark before his eyes were drawn to the quivering length between the sniper’s legs. He held Irvine’s hips down as the cowboy bucked up when he ran his tongue from base to tip, Irvine panting and cursing quietly above him. He bit at skin again, this time just below the sniper’s navel, tongue then moving to swirl over trail of hair that went back down towards Irvine’s groin. Irvine thrashed a little as his lover flicked his tongue over the leaking tip of the his cock.

“Fuck!” Irvine growled, straining against the hold Squall had on his hips. “If I was free, you’d be flipped over and I’d be fucking you through the mattress right now.”

Squall looked up into Irvine’s eyes as his lover glared down at him. In two fluid movements, Squall was fully above over his lover, mouths biting at each other, Irvine arching up for more contact as Squall grasped his hard cock and stroked it quickly.

“You wanted this. You gave yourself to me and I‘m going to take all the time I want,” Squall growled at the man beneath him when he pulled their mouths apart.

“See, I was right. You are ferocious,” Irvine said, grinning up at his boyfriend.

“And you love it,” Squall said, voice still deep and rough as he grasped Irvine’s jaw with his free hand and turned it to one side so he could attack the cowboy’s neck.

Irvine shuddered at the thrill that travelled along his spine as Squall sucked firmly on his throat, still clothed leg moving to rub against his balls as a sure hand continued to stroke him. He must have made some kind of noise because in the next moment all the delicious tension that had been gathering in his groin stopped, Squall’s hand having left him to the cool air. Irvine whimpered at the loss of the touch as he looked into Squall’s eyes, both of them watching the other as Squall slid off the bed.

The sound of the zipper was loud in the near silence of the room, Irvine struggling to keep his panting quiet as he watched his lover’s every move. Pale hips wriggled a little as Squall removed the rest of his clothing, leaving it behind on the floor as he climbed back onto the bed and resumed his place between Irvine’s legs. It took but a moment to find the jar and open it, the generous scoop of clear gel cool and slightly sticky on his fingers. Grinning mischievously, Squall placed the jar on Irvine’s bare stomach, the sniper’s breath whistling through his teeth as he tried to cringe away from the cold glass.

“Not nice, love,” he gritted out as he waited for his skin to warm the jar a little so it wasn’t so cold.

“Now you know how I felt the other day,” Squall said as he carefully screwed the lid back on the jar with only one hand, placing it off to the side so it wouldn’t be in the way later.

Lifting a leg onto his shoulder, Squall ran his cheek along the inside of Irvine’s thigh, enjoying the light quiver of his lover’s flesh as he looked up the expanse of Irvine‘s chest and noted the light sheen of sweat that now covered his lover‘s skin. Running his thumb down along the length of the cowboy’s cock and over his scrotum, Squall’s fingers slid along the firm globes of flesh, tickling their way over the hidden entrance contained between them. He could feel the light flutter of the muscles there as he applied more pressure, coaxing the tight pucker to allow him access. Irvine sighed above him as the first finger slid slowly inside, body clenching around the lone intruder. The single digit slid in and out of the other man, a second joining it and pushing deeper. Leaning down, Squall breathed warm air over the sniper’s cock, pink tongue darting out to sweep the pearly liquid from the tip as he positioned three fingers at the muscle he was stretching. Taking the tip of Irvine’s cock between his lips, Squall slowly took it into his mouth, sliding his fingers into his lover at the same time. He watched Irvine through his lashes, the sniper holding he breath and fighting the urge to buck up into the wet heat of Squall’s mouth. Squall buried his nose deep into the musky smelling curls surrounding the flesh between his lips, tongue pressing against the velvety skin as he sucked slowly, fingers pumping in and out of Irvine’s body. The brunette was ready for when Irvine’s hips bucked once more as he pressed his fingers against the sensitive area of nerves deep within the other’s body. Hand pressed firmly against the cowboy’s abdomen, Squall continually pressed against the nerves, Irvine’s whimpers and gasps making his own cock swell in anticipation.

“Squall…now…dammit,” Irvine managed to say between breaths, followed by a low moan as the brunette’s fingers slid free.

Resting back on his knees, Squall noted that he still had a good coating of lube on his fingers and so applied it to his own erection, breath hissing as his hand wrapped around the very sensitive flesh, stroking himself slowly and completely covering his cock with the slick gel. A moan alerted him that Irvine was watching and he looked up into the hungry lavender eyes. Releasing his hard length, Squall moved up the bed and settled firmly against Irvine’s parted legs, lifting the sniper and placing a cushion under his lower back. Shifting a little closer, Squall held fleshy globes in his hands, gently pulling them apart as he leaned up over his lover, cock falling against the slick pucker for a brief moment before Squall applied pressure and slowly pressed into Irvine’s body. Both men panted as Squall’s length slid deep within Irvine, the cowboy’s legs open to give the brunette as much room as possible. A little wriggle and Squall’s balls sat flush against Irvine’s skin, the brunette’s head falling to his lover’s chest as they both drew in shallow breaths, fighting for control of their bodies as neither of them wanted the pleasure to end too soon. Squall stared blindly at the sheets next to them, a small flash of silver not registering in his mind until Irvine’s flexed his muscles around the cock within him, the sniper‘s whole body moving and causing the handcuffs to rattle against the bed.

Starting with little thrusts, Squall held Irvine open to his movements, the wet sound of flesh on flesh loud in the room. He could feel the sniper’s body thrusting back against him, silently telling him to go faster and deeper, Irvine‘s heels digging into the mattress for some kind of leverage. Squall leaned up and caught Irvine’ open mouth with his own, tongues tangling as he reached out for the sliver of silver on the dark sheets, other hand grasping a sweat slick hip. Still kissing Irvine, tongue mimicking the movement of his cock, Squall’s fingers closed about the tiny key and he reached up to release the handcuffs that tied his lover to the bed. A click was heard as the first cuff was unlocked, followed by the rasp of metal on wood as Irvine’s arms dropped above his head onto the pillow, too worn out to move without help. Gently Squall freed the other hand and massaged the tired limbs, Irvine’s arms having been tied up for a bit too long. Pulling on them, Squall draped Irvine’s arms around his shoulders and neck, the sniper’s fingers immediately tangling in his hair and pulling him closer, deepening the kiss until the weren’t breathing in anything else but each other.

Long legs curled around Squall’s hips as Irvine held him closer, again urging him to do more. Squall complied and moved faster within the embrace of his lover, Irvine tilting his hips and rocking up against him. Squall could feel Irvine’s slick cock rubbing against his abdomen and reached down to wrap his hand around it, stroking it roughly as his other hand curled around under Irvine’s shoulder, forcing him harder onto the his length. Irvine gasped out loud against Squall’s lips and held on tightly, movements losing their rhythm as pleasure spiked within him when the brunette‘ cock stuck against his prostate. The onslaught of the many different touches was too much and he shouted Squall‘s name, his orgasm bursting its way free of his body and coating both his and Squall’s abdomens in sticky white liquid. Squall continued to stroke the twitching cock as he buried his face into Irvine’s neck, his own shout preceding wet heat spreading it’s way deep within Irvine. The sniper smiled tiredly as Squall fell onto him, body shuddering in the aftermath of release.

It was some time before Squall was able to rouse his body enough to roll off his lover, and even then it was more a slide than a roll, the brunette ending up face down on the bed next to the cowboy.

“Love you,“ he muttered truthfully against the sheets, poking Irvine in the arm with one finger. He could feel Irvine’s silent laughter at his movements through the barely noticeable shaking of the bed. Squall couldn’t help it if he was too stuffed to say it properly, but wasn’t overly worried cause he knew Irvine would understand what he meant.

“I love you too, Squall,” Irvine whispered against his ear and then the bed moved more and Squall squinted his eyes open to see his lover getting up and staggering towards the bathroom.

Irvine returned a moment later with two cloths and dropped one on Squall. In silence they cleaned themselves up a bit, Irvine helping Squall to clean before taking both the cloths back into the bathroom as Squall slid under the sheets, stopping to blow out candles as he made his way back to the bed.

The dull red numbers on Squall’s clock illuminated the dark room as Irvine crawled into the bed, pulling his lover against him.

“We’ll have to do that again sometime,“ Irvine said sleepily into the brunette’s hair.

“Mmmm,“ Squall agreed, brain no longer awake enough to form sentences.

Squall’s arm rested on top of the one wrapped around his waist, their entwined fingers resting on the sheets as they both drifted into a sated sleep.

To be continued…

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