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Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this series of ficlets and/or short stories belong to those talented people at Square/Enix or whatever they are called now.

This is a series of Valentine's Day fics. Not all of them will contain smut, but they all are from the FF8 fandom, and the main pairing is, of course, Irvine and Squall. This will also be generally silly, have sappy moments and will hopefully be fun for you to read and fun for me to write. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Book of Love: Voucher 16
By Garden's Gnome

Irvine awoke to the scent of freshly brewed coffee and the sound of ceramic and glass coming into contact. Cracking his eyes open, the cowboy looked up at the ceiling of the main living area of Squall’s apartment, events of the previous day flitting through his sleepy mind. Images of him and Squall waking in his room, Selphie and Zell coming to help move his stuff and finally the whole group sitting around watching some movie together. Irvine frowned when no image of the end of the movie, nor of the others leaving, came to mind.

“We fell asleep on your sofa, didn’t we?” Irvine asked with a groan as he slowly sat up, body half curling over as it came upright.

Our sofa,” Squall said as he sat on the arm closest to his lover. “We live together now, remember?”

“Mmmm,” Irvine agreed, reaching out and grabbing his coffee from the glass top table with one hand, the other moving up to gently rest on Squall’s knee.

Together the two men sat in companionable silence as Irvine’s mind and body woke up, the sniper’s fingers making tiny patterns on Squall’s leg, the brunette occasionally stroking his own fingers over Irvine’s hand.

“What time is it anyway?” Irvine asked, finishing off the last mouthful of coffee and standing up to stretch.

“Time for you to have a shower and get dressed in something else. We’re going out,” Squall said, giving his lover a peck on the lips before grabbing both empty cups and going into the kitchen.

“Going out?” Irvine asked. “It’s the middle of the week. Don’t you have a meeting or something?”

“Not today,” Squall told Irvine as the sniper followed the brunette into the kitchen and leaned against the fridge as Squall rinsed their cups. “Cid told me to take today off to help you get settled,” Squall said, coming up and wrapping his arms around the sniper.

“Oh, and does this ‘settling in’ involve you and me and the bed in the next room?” Irvine asked hopefully as he rubbed their noses together.

“No, we need to go shopping,” Squall said as he pulled away from his lover and walked towards the bedroom.

Irvine followed, watching his lover pull clothes out of the drawers.

“Go shower, Irvine,” Squall said, not looking up from what he was doing.

Sighing, the cowboy turned and went to shower, leaving the bathroom door wide open in hope of enticing the brunette into joining him. In the end, Irvine showered and dressed alone, leaving the bedroom to find his lover waiting for him by the front door.

“So…what are we going shopping for?” Irvine asked as he grabbed his hat and followed Squall out the door.

“Just basic stuff - food, toiletries…”

“You’re dragging me off grocery shopping?”

“We do live together now,” Squall said looking over at the sniper as they entered the parking garage. “Besides, it has something to do with today’s voucher.”

“Ah. Well then, let’s go,” Irvine said, snatching the keys from Squall and unlocking the car, sliding into the driver’s seat.

Squall’s lips curled up at his lover’s sudden enthusiasm as the car started up. Patting his pocket to make sure he still had the voucher, Squall slid into the passenger seat, relaxing as Irvine drove towards Balamb.

***** ***** *****

Driving back to Garden, Irvine kept sneaking glances at his lover, who appeared to be dozing in his seat. Squall had yet to give him the voucher he said he had.


“Pull over here,” Squall suddenly announced, sitting up a little in his seat as Irvine smoothly pulled the car off the road and into a lightly forested paddock.

Irvine watched Squall hit a switch on the middle of the steering wheel, the brunette waiting for the light to go from red to green before getting out of the car.

“You coming or not?” Squall asked Irvine.


“I thought we’d have a picnic lunch,” Squall said, grabbing a paper bag from amongst the groceries on the back seat, the logo on the bag indicating it to be from their favourite eatery.

Following his lover’s lead, Irvine left the car, joining Squall at the back of it as the brunette grabbed a blanket and a couple of pillows out of the trunk. Looking around, the sniper noted that they were hidden from the road by some shrubs he’d parked behind.

“You know, if the voucher is a picnic lunch or something, we’re going to have to do this again cause I haven’t provided anything,” Irvine told Squall as the other man laid out the blanket on the ground under a tree, tossing the food and cushions on it.

“It’s not a picnic lunch,” Squall said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out the voucher, waving it at his lover before shoving it back in the pocket.

“Aren’t you going to give me the that?” Irvine asked.

“If you want the voucher, Irvine,” Squall said as a slow smile spread across his lips, “you have to catch me first!”

Irvine stood next to the blanket for a moment longer, surprised as his lover sprinted away from him. Then he gave chase, coat billowing out behind him as he ran.

“100 meter radius on the monster barrier,” Squall called over his shoulder as he ran, noting Irvine’s nod that he had heard him.

Both men laughed and called out to each other as they ran through the trees, Squall zigzagging in an effort to confuse his lover. Irvine couldn’t help but laugh out loud. He remembered running around like this with the rest of the gang back at the orphanage, their little bodies leaving tracks through the grassy field as they chased each other, their childish laughter occasionally drowned out by the sound of waves pounding against the beach nearby.

Grinning, Irvine ran faster as they sprinted towards the car, hoping to catch his lover before he reached the vehicle. Squall stopped with the car between, dodging this way and that, eyes glittering brightly as he laughed. Irvine made his move, dashing around the car, Squall just ahead of him as they ran towards the blanket. Adding a burst of speed, the sniper caught his lover, the both of them tumbling down onto the cushions and almost squashing the bag of food.

“You planned this, didn’t you?” Irvine asked as he panted for breath, grinning down at his lover’s flushed cheeks as he sat on Squall’s legs and began to rummage through his front pocket for the voucher.

A gasp from Squall caused Irvine to pause as his hand closed around the piece of paper in the brunette’s pocket. Irvine looked closely at his face, noting the way Squall’s pupils had dilated when Irvine had shoved his hand into his pocket. Irvine moved his hand a little deeper, brushing his knuckles against the hardness he hadn‘t been consciously paying attention to, watching as the brunette moaned in the back of his throat and flexed his hips a little. Irvine’s other hand moved to the front of Squall’s pants, slowly massaging his firmed flesh he found there as his other hand pulled the voucher from Squall’s pocket. Opening the voucher with one hand, Irvine scanned the words as his continued to touch his lover.

Love Voucher: A Romp.

“I think we just covered the ‘romp’ part of this voucher,” Irvine purred as he slid up the body under his, loving the groan that fell from Squall’s lips as their groins rubbed against each other. “Do you want to eat now or for me to continue?” he asked as he slowly moved above the other man.

Squall answered by pulling the sniper down for a kiss, tongue plunging into the other’s mouth, demanding attention as his legs shifted and wrapped around his lover’s hips. He relished the weight of Irvine’s body on his as the sniper settled firmly over him, pushing Squall into the blanket and the grass under it as his fingers untucked his shirt from the band of his pants. Squall held tightly onto Irvine, body rocking up against his lover, bursts of pleasure spreading out from wherever they touched, each tingle causing his entrapped cock to throb.

Irvine heard the needy moan that escaped Squall’s lips as he broke the kiss, both of them gasping in air as he spread open-mouth kisses along his lover’s jaw and throat, moving to kneel between Squall’s legs as the other man tried to draw him back for more kisses, pouting unhappily as Irvine evaded his arms.

“I’m not going anywhere, love,” Irvine assured the brunette. “Just giving myself room to remove some clothing.”

Stripping off Squall’s clothing first, Irvine enjoyed the sight of the brunette’s hand moving over his cock with long, firm strokes as he removed his own clothing. He grabbed Squall’s hand, kissing and licking the fingers as he spread his body over the brunette’s, both of them enjoying the feel of their naked flesh touching.

“Tell me you have lube,” Irvine whispered into Squall’s ear, tongue delving into the fleshy shell as the brunette gasped at the touch.

“Bag,” Squall said, half-heartedly moving to grab it.

Irvine reached out and dragged the bag towards them, ignoring the food and drinks as he rummaged for a tube or jar that was not wrapped up in paper. Finally his fingers closed around a glass jar, which he pulled out and set on Squall’s bare stomach, grinning when the brunette sucked in a breath at the coldness of the glass before he snatched up the jar and opened it.

Setting the bag aside, Irvine dipped his fingers into the offered jar, crouching low between Squall’s parted legs. The brunette draped one of the limbs over Irvine’s shoulder, opening his body for his lover’s touch. Irvine watched the dappled sunlight play across Squall’s skin as he slipped his fingers into his lover, smiling as Squall’s eyes closed in pleasure when Irvine’s lips and tongue began to tease and suck on the lightly furred sacs below his cock.

Both of their bodies were pleasantly energised from running, more sensitive to every little touch that passed between them. Irvine knew he was probably preparing Squall quicker than normal but his lover was encouraging him to hurry, the heel of Squall’s free leg caressing the sniper’s skin, hips flexing in time with the fingers sinking into him. When the leg caressing him moved to his other shoulder, Irvine looked up into heated blue eyes and slid his fingers from Squall’s tight heat.

Squall resealed the jar and tossed it aside after Irvine grabbed more of the gel inside to slick his own erection. He tensed in anticipation as Irvine moved closer, causing Squall’s body to curl a little as he rubbed the tip of his cock over the bared opening. Squall began to growl his impatience when he was entered, Irvine burying his length fully into tight heat in one thrust, both men gasping at the depth of their joining. Irvine waited but a moment before he started to thrust in and out of the body under him, Squall’s fingers digging into his arms almost painfully as Irvine set the fast pace both of them wanted.

Gasping cries fell from Squall’s lips as he was taken, Irvine plunging deep into his body, each movement striking his prostate and sending flashes of pure heat along his nerves. He felt Irvine shift a little, the sniper moving to balance his weight on one hand as the other reached out and firmly wrapped around Squall’s cock. Irvine’s thrusting continued, the faster and smaller movements making it feel like his cock never broke contact from the bundle of nerves within Squall’s body. Squall felt his body tightening towards orgasm and pulled Irvine down, lips fastening together as Irvine’s thumb passed over the slit in the brunette’s leaking erection, Squall screaming into the sniper’s mouth as streams of white spurted from his cock. Irvine pumped into Squall’s body twice more before he too released hot semen into his lover, the fluttering of the brunette’s muscles pulling him over.

Irvine’s mind slowly came back to itself and he found his body lazily draped over Squall‘s, the brunette tracing random lines across his back. Neither of them moved as their heartbeats slowed back to normal, enjoying the closeness. All too soon Irvine could feel the itchiness of semen drying and flaking on his skin and began to move away from Squall‘s hold.

“Got something to clean up with?” he asked Squall as he carefully withdrew from the brunette’s body and gazed down at the other man, smiling gently at the sleepy droop to the other’s eyes.

“Water in the bag,” Squall muttered as he looked down at the mess on his stomach. “Use my shirt.”

Irvine found the water and wetted Squall’s shirt, wiping them both clean. He then offered the water to Squall, taking a drink after the brunette had quenched his thirst. Placing the water bottle next to the bag of food, Irvine laid down next to his naked lover, curling his body around Squall’s as he pulled the other man to him.

“We can’t stay out here all day,” Squall said tiredly as he settled into Irvine’s arms.

“Just a nap, love. Romping with you has worn me out,” Irvine said, placing a light kiss on Squall’s shoulder as he draped his coat half over them both, following his lover into a light doze as a pleasant breeze whispered over their sated bodies.

To be continued…

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