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Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this series of ficlets and/or short stories belong to those talented people at Square/Enix or whatever they are called now.

This is a series of Valentine's Day fics. Not all of them will contain smut, but they all are from the FF8 fandom, and the main pairing is, of course, Irvine and Squall. This will also be generally silly, have sappy moments and will hopefully be fun for you to read and fun for me to write. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Book of Love: Voucher 12
By Garden's Gnome

“What’s under the coat, Squall?” Irvine asked after watching the brunette tear a page from the Book of Love, fold it neatly, and put it in the pocket of the full-length black leather coat he was wearing.

“You’ll find out soon enough. Go get dressed,” Squall commanded, making shooing gestures towards the bedroom and its en suite.

“Dressed? Where are we going? Would it have anything to do with the voucher in your pocket?”

“Yes, but I’m not telling you what it says until we get to where we’re going.”

“And just where are we going, babe?”


Irvine’s brows went up in surprise as Squall pushed him into the en suite and closed the door, leaving the sniper to shower and dress like he’d been told. He could hear movement on the other side of the door, sounds of Squall rummaging through bags and drawers. Irvine showered and towelled off quickly, curious as to what his lover was doing in the bedroom and not wanting to give the other man too much time to change his mind about going out. Stepping through the door, Irvine found the outer door closed and no Squall in sight. Approaching the bed, Irvine finished drying off and perused the clothing that had been left out for him. Similar to his regular clothing, the black pants and chaps were made of butter-soft suede while the vest was a dark shade of purple in the same fabric but with a black mesh back. Black boots sat next to the bed to complete the outfit.

“No coat?” Irvine asked as he walked into the main living area of Squall’s rooms, fingers searching for some kind of clasp on the vest only to find none.

“Here,” Squall said, draping a black leather coat similar to the one he was wearing over Irvine’s arm before wrapping his arms around the cowboy and leaning up to place a small kiss on his lips. “You look nice,” he said, stepping back and turning to head for the door.

Irvine could feel the heat from Squall’s hands burning through the mesh that barely covered his back. He shivered at the heat and then the cool as his lover released him and moved away.

“Let’s go,” Squall said as he stepped through the door and waited for Irvine to join him. “But leave your hat behind,” he added, a small smile showing as the sniper pouted but left his beloved hat behind.

“Are you wearing make-up?” Irvine asked as they walked down the hallway of the dorms, trying to peer closely at the brunette’s face.

“A little,” Squall admitted, blushing.

“Looks good. The streaks of glitter in your hair look good too, but I miss this part of you,” Irvine said, lifting a hand to lightly touch where the scar Seifer had given Squall usually was, now covered with make-up.

Squall looked startled for a moment but then grabbed Irvine’s hand and laced their fingers together, continuing to walk through the Garden.

***** ***** *****

Before they even stepped into the club Squall could feel the music pulsating through the pavement under his feet. Once he walked through the door, the music vibrated in the air around him and through him, making his heart beat a little faster. Grabbing Irvine’s hand he headed straight for the bar.

Irvine leaned back against the bar while Squall ordered drinks for them, perusing the crowded dance floor as his hips began to sway to the pounding beat, unable to resist the music‘s lure. Something brushed against his arm and Irvine looked over at Squall, and then stood staring at his lover while the man handed his coat to the woman behind the bar.

Irvine could see that the only piece of his regular clothing that Squall was wearing was his boots. Black leather pants encased his legs, pale skin peeking through the lacings that criss-crossed the whole length of the article of clothing, baring an inch or two of flesh. The side lacing continued to the black leather corset style top that the brunette wore. Irvine’s fingers itched to touch the skin he could see as Squall downed a shot of the amber liquid that had been poured into a glass for him. He took the shot that was next to it and drank it too as Irvine watched, turning towards the sniper and pulling him close for a kiss.

Alcohol poured into Irvine’s mouth as Squall kissed him, the brunette’s tongue rubbing against his own briefly before he pulled away and ended the kiss. Irvine could only watch, slightly stunned as Squall placed the folded paper from earlier in his hand and headed towards the crowded dance floor. Ordering another shot as he removed his own coat, Irvine quickly looked at the paper before shoving it in the pocket and handing the coat over. The cowboy pondered the latest voucher, Love Voucher: Take Out Dirty Dancing, quickly drinking his second drink before moving to join Squall.

Squall smiled at Irvine briefly as the sniper joined him, the cowboy’s hands resting lightly on his swaying hips before he turned in his lover’s arms and leaned back against him. Reaching behind them both, the brunette pulled Irvine firmly against him, the other man easily moving in time with him as they danced. Irvine grabbed one of Squall’s arms and moved it up behind his neck, the brunette’s fingers grabbing long auburn hair as gun-calloused fingers trailed over the pale skin revealed as Squall’s tight top shifted with his movement. All around them people danced and gyrated to the music pouring from the speakers. Irvine drowned them all out and buried his face into Squall’s neck, enjoying the way his lover’s tightly clad ass ground back against him when he licked the skin under his lips.

Turning back around, Squall wrapped his arms around the sniper, hands flat against the mesh that covered Irvine’s back as he moved as close as he could to his lover. Irvine slipped a suede-covered leg between Squall’s, every movement they made causing the brunette to shift against the muscled thigh rubbing against him.

“Thought we were supposed to be dancing,” Squall said into Irvine’s ear, barely heard over the pounding music. “Not making out in public.”

“The voucher said ‘dirty dancing’, Squall. I could show you making out in public if you really want,” Irvine offered, licking Squall’s ear as he pulled back and captured his lover’s lips, slipping his fingers between the laces of the brunette‘s pants to tease the revealed skin.

Squall gasped at the lick to his ear, allowing Irvine to easily slip his tongue into the brunette’s mouth. Squall wrapped his arms about the cowboy’s neck, using his leverage to grind his body against Irvine’s leg. He felt the fingers in his pant leg and a hand on his back pull him closer as the thigh he was rubbing himself against disappeared, allowing him to feel Irvine’s aroused body more intimately.

“Been this hard since you took off your coat, love,” Irvine growled into his ear as his hand travelled lower to grope Squall’s ass.

Squall’s answer was a quiet moan that Irvine felt as he licked his lover’s throat. Still swaying to the heavy beat, Irvine manoeuvred Squall backwards through the throng of dancers, heading for the darkened side of the room and the semi privacy it would allow them. Once there, Irvine pinned Squall to the velvet covered wall, continuing to kiss the brunette as he ground their hips together in time with the heavy beat of the current song.

Squall moaned loudly as he was pressed against the wall, the sound lost in the music around them as his hands moved to hold Irvine’s face. The brunette kissed his lover fiercely, tongue plunging into the other’s wet mouth until there were both out of breath. He could feel Irvine’s hands moving all over him; over his chest, his hips and gripping his butt before moving back up to tug on the top he wore.

Irvine pulled back and looked into hooded blue eyes that were barely visible in the darkness.

“Want…need to touch you,” he whispered against the brunette’s ear after leaning back in to nibble on it. “How do I get this off?” Irvine asked, tugging at the top.

The hand that was still teasing the flesh revealed by the side lacing on the brunette’s pants was grabbed and moved upwards towards the brunette’s chest as Irvine went back to his nibbling. Squall directed the sniper’s fingers to the hidden zip on the front of his tight top, Irvine smirking against his ear as the zip was slowly lowered.

Baring the pale skin to the dim light, Irvine pulled the garment over Squall’s shoulders and down his arms. He then wrapped it around the brunette’s wrists, grinning as his lover tugged at the light restraint.

“I didn’t want it getting dirty on the floor,” Irvine told the brunette.

“You could’ve just tucked it into my pants,” Squall responded, still struggling a little.

“It wouldn‘t stay there when I intend to do this,” Irvine said and reached out to open Squall’s tight leather pants.

The struggling stopped immediately as Irvine’s knuckles brushed over Squall’s hardened flesh through the black leather. He heard his lover gasp at the touch and hurried to release the brunette’s length from his pants. Squall moaned as Irvine’s hand closed around his cock, giving it a few experimental pumps, thumb teasing over the head and slit. The movement of the sniper’s hand soon became easier as pearly liquid leaked from the flesh he stroked. Irvine fumbled one handed with his own pants, eager to bring some respite to his own throbbing length.

“I want to touch you,” Squall complained breathlessly as Irvine stroked him, his hips rocking forward in time with Irvine’s hand.

Grinning, Irvine released Squall’s cock, licking his fingers clean as he slipped off his vest and draped it over the restraint on Squall’s hands, causing the other man to frown briefly. He moved closer, pressing their chests together as he pulled his pants open a little further and moved Squall’s pants down over his hips. He felt Squall’s chest rumble against his as the brunette moaned his pleasure at their bare skin touching, followed by the gasp that came when Irvine encircled both their cocks with his saliva and semen dampened hand.

“This good enough?” he asked, whispering into his lover’s ear to make sure he was heard over the pounding music that was drowning out their noise as he rocked their lengths together.

Squall’s answer was a groan as their hot flesh slid together within the confines of the sniper’s battle-calloused hand. His head fell back against the velvet wall as pleasure coursed through his body, the friction of Irvine’s chest against his teasing his sensitive nipples as the cowboy dropped his head to lick and suck on Squall’s neck. The brunette watched everything behind them through slitted eyes, making sure they weren’t being closely watched even as pleasure tingled along his nerves. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Irvine lift a hand and was slightly surprised when fingers brushed against his lips instead of the hand going to the wall for better balance. He opened his mouth when the fingers pressed a little firmer, sucking on the two digits that Irvine slipped into his mouth. Squall felt a tinge on anticipation as the saliva slickened fingers trailed over his cheek, down his neck and side and around his back to slip into the crevice still half enclosed in leather.

Irvine pushed the tight leather down a little further with the back of his hand as he continued to stroke their slick cocks. He felt the hidden ring of muscle flutter at his first touch and smiled against the brunette’s neck.

“Want this?” he couldn’t help but ask as he lightly stroked his fingers over it.

“Yes,” Squall said with a whimper as he pressed back against the fingers, both of them slipping into him at the same time.

Irvine slid the fingers into his lover’s body slowly, listening to the gasping pants that Squall made next to his ear as Irvine pressed the digits deep, speeding up the stroking of their cocks to distract Squall from any pain he might be feeling. Squall’s hips jerked against his as the tips of Irvine’s fingers came into contact with sensitive nerve endings deep within him. Irvine teased the nerves mercilessly, feeling the way Squall’s body tightened around his fingers and knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. He tightened his grip on their cocks, concentrating on bringing Squall over first even as he felt his own body nearing release.

Squall couldn’t see Irvine’s face but could hear his lover’s own panting breath next to his ear as they rocked against each other in the near darkness. He could feel his body tightening around the sniper’s fingers, felt the tingling reach it’s peak and held his breath, prolonging the initial burst of pure pleasure that rushed through his body as he came. Squall leaned forward and bit down on Irvine’s exposed shoulder to muffle his cry of release. Irvine’s body jerked against his, the extra sensation causing the sniper to succumb to his own orgasm, his release hot and wet as it joined Squall’s on their naked skin.

“You bit me,” Irvine muttered as he removed his hand from their spent organs and brought it to Squall’s lips for the brunette to lick.

Licking the fingers a little clean, Squall smiled a little apologetically and offered his lips for a kiss, Irvine plunging his tongue deep between the brunette’s lips and tasting them both.

“Don’t suppose you have something to clean up with?” Irvine asked a little tiredly, leaning his forehead against Squall’s.

“In my coat,” Squall replied, equally drained.

“Oh well,” Irvine said, dropping to his knees to lick his lover clean.

Gritting his teeth, Squall stood still as Irvine gently licked him clean, the hot rasping of the sniper’s tongue almost painful on his sensitive skin. The brunette breathed a sigh of relief as his hands were freed while Irvine completed his task. Once done, Irvine let his body be pinned to the wall be the brunette as Squall returned the favour.

“What now?” Irvine asked as Squall slipped his corset top back on and did the zipper up.

“You still haven’t finished fulfilling the voucher. You owe me at least a full song worth of dancing,” Squall said, dragging the cowboy back towards the dance floor. “We’re going to dance until they kick us out.”

To be continued…

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