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Disclaimer: All the Final Fantasy characters in this series of ficlets and/or short stories belong to those talented people at Square/Enix or whatever they are called now.

This is a series of Valentine's Day fics. Not all of them will contain smut, but they all are from the FF8 fandom, and the main pairing is, of course, Irvine and Squall. This will also be generally silly, have sappy moments and will hopefully be fun for you to read and fun for me to write. Enjoy.

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Book of Love: Voucher 11
By Garden's Gnome

“Quistis, how much longer will Cid be?” Squall asked.

“Not sure. He’s on the vid phone to General Caraway and could be a while,” the blonde woman answered as she looked through a file on the low table before her.

“Probably trying to pressure the headmaster into sending Galbadian SeeD to the space seminar that they talked about when you father was here,” Irvine said as he sat on the corner of the brunette’s desk.

“We haven’t even decided on dates for the seminars yet. He’s wasting his time asking about that at the moment,” Squall said with a sigh and ran a hand through his hair. “We can start the meeting without Cid. Quistis and I can tell him later while you three teach your afternoon classes,” Squall added, nodding at Irvine, Selphie and Zell.

“Selphie, how are the Trabia exchange students settling in?” Squall asked, bringing up some information on his computer screen.

“Great. They’re all going to help me with the next Garden festival,” Selphie said excitedly, bouncing on the sofa next to Quistis.

“Selphie,” Squall said, tiredly rubbing a hand over his face, “the festival is not the most important event in Garden,” he told her and watched as she stopped bouncing. “Are they settling in okay? Making friends?”

“Yes, Commander. All students are happy to be here,” Selphie reported quietly while looking down at her lap.

“And the festival plans?”

Selphie’s head shot up in surprise. “Well, its going okay,” she said.

“Only okay?” Squall asked, trying not to grin as Selphie frowned at him.

“Sefie, he’s trying to cheer you up,” Irvine said from he perch on the brunette’s desk. “He’s just not very good at it,” Irvine added with a grin and a wink.

Selphie beamed at Squall and launched into a detailed report of how the festival was coming along. Squall held up a hand to stop her as she began to describe how the buffet tables would be set, right down to the tablecloth weights.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” Squall said as he brought up another file on the computer. “Quistis?”

“I’ll be holding the tests this afternoon and the top dozen students will go to Esthar and spend the next six months at the air station learning about the space program and doing what they can to help,” the blonde reported from the file she had been looking through.

“Well, Seifer’s not here at the moment and Raijin is in the middle of class,” Squall said. “I’ll get a report off Rai later for the integration of Estharian technology into our weaponry.”

“Zell, how are the hand to hand combat classes going?” Squall asked the blonde standing near the large window.

“Zell?” Squall asked again when he received no answer, turning in his chair to face the other man.

“Yo, chickenwuss!”

“Dammit Irvine! Don’t call me that,” Zell growled, looking away from the window.

“It got your attention,” the sniper pointed out.

“Zell, the combat classes, how is everything going? Do you need any equipment replaced? Are the students getting along well?” Squall asked as he frowned at his lover and the tattooed blonde.

“I need about a dozen new mats and two more training dummies.”

“Noted,” Squall said, typing the request into the computer. “Are you okay, Zell? You seem tense?” Squall asked only to be ignored when Zell’s phone rang and he turned to face the window while talking.

Squall frowned at the hushed conversation the blonde was having with whoever was on the phone, looking at the other’s to see that they too were frowning. Well, Quistis was frowning; Selphie looked more intrigued than anything else and was frowning to cover the grin creeping onto her lips. Irvine was frowning at his own phone as he dialled a number and got a busy signal.

“Seifer,” he mouthed to Squall and pointed to Zell, showing the number he had just dialled.

Squall nodded and turned to watch his tattooed friend talk quietly. Zell was drawing random invisible designs on the window he faced.

“What happened yesterday?” Squall asked in a whisper.

“When Seifer left for his mission, Zell was there to see him off. Carried his bag for him and everything. Apparently they stood there for a good long moment looking at each other before Seifer got into the car with Fuujin and left. Seifer said he would call.”

“Who was there to see this?” Squall asked.

“Quistis and Cid. Quistis asked what was going on and I told her we think Seifer has the hots for Zell. She said it looks mutual,” Irvine said, both men looking at Quistis who nodded to indicate that what Irvine was saying was the truth.

“Should I send Zell to Winhill?”

“If you do, give him a copy of the voucher I found on my hat this morning,” Irvine said with a big grin as he hopped off of Squall’s desk to stand in front of the brunette’s chair.

“The one from this morning, huh…the one you have yet to fulfil?” Squall asked as a small smile tilted his lips upwards.

“Yeah, that one,” Irvine agreed looming over Squall, hands gripping the back of the chair above the brunette’s head as the sniper leaned closer.

“I’ll take it under advisement,” Squall breathed, trying not to lean up as his lover’s face drew nearer, as his lips came closer and he felt Irvine’s breath against his mouth.

“You know it’s a good idea,” Irvine whispered, tongue sneaking out to touch Squall’s lightly parted lips, drawing back as the brunette leaned forward to kiss him, repeating the movements to raise the anticipation of the touch.

Squall grunted softly in annoyance as Irvine’s head drew back again, the teasing tongue and lips moving out of reach, causing the brunette to wonder if he was going to get his kiss.

Irvine waited for the right moment, the flicker of doubt flashing through Squall’s eyes, the soft growl of frustration. He swooped in, pressing his open mouth against Squall’s, tongue pushing forcefully past damp lips as he listened to his lover draw in a lungful of air through his nose. The cowboy smiled against his lover’s lips, pleased that he’d managed to surprise Squall.

Ignoring the giggle coming from Selphie, Squall grabbed Irvine’s shirt and pulled his lover closer, not allowing the sniper any way to escape as he dragged the other man onto his lap and locked his arms behind his neck. He could feel the smile as their tongues tangled and slid against each other, mouths moving in an imitation of other parts of their bodies. Squall sucked on Irvine’s tongue, feeling his body throb with desire. Irvine shifted a little in his lap and Squall gasped against his mouth before sealing their lips together again, trying his hardest not to rock his clothed hardness against the cowboy’s body. Irvine’s tongue swept into his mouth, tasting all it could, touching each surface possessively as their lips moved against each other.

“Get a room, you two,” Squall distantly heard Zell say and quickly broke the kiss.

“Sorry,” Squall said, blushing as he noticed everyone was paying attention to him and his lover.

Irvine looked around the room, more than a little dazed. Zell had taken his seat on the arm of the sofa next to Quistis who was blushing bright red. Selphie was openly grinning and Cid was trying not to smile too much as he looked through one of the files on the table. When had Cid arrived? Irvine wondered as he slowly extracted his body from his lover’s lap, stroking Squall‘s flushed cheek with the hand that he‘d buried into now even more tousled brown hair.

A cough from Cid got everyone’s attention and Irvine went and sat down on the other arm of the sofa next to Selphie, his file about the recent sniper tests hiding the not so small bulge in his pants. Opening the file, he smiled down at the once folded piece of paper that Squall had left for him that morning. Love Voucher: A Big Kiss. Irvine smiled at his lover as Cid took charge of their meeting and Squall brought the headmaster up to speed. After the meeting he would pay a little visit to Seifer’s room and leave a surprise for him.

To be continued…

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