Forgotten Days
KH CxL fic for Sukunami
By Garden’s Gnome

Leon glared at his empty shot glass and did his best to ignore the laughing group on the other side of Traverse Town’s only café. He didn’t care about Aerith’s blushing face or Cloud’s lopsided grin as the spiky haired blonde told Yuffie and Cid something they obviously found funny. All he cared about was getting drunk and forgetting where he was for a while.

I can’t even tell how long I’ve been stuck in this wretched place, Leon thought as he grabbed the liquor bottle on his table for a refill. Even the first instant that I arrived was longer than I ever wanted to be here.

Hearing a giggle as a nearby chair was knocked over, Leon looked up to find Aerith approaching his table, plate in one hand and a mug full of ale in the other.

“Cake and drink courtesy of the birthday boy,” she announced as she slid the plate across the table to him, replacing the small glass he’d been about to refill with the larger one before he could protest. Looking past her, Leon noted everyone watching him with happy smiles.

“Drink up, Squall!” Yuffie called loudly, raising her own glass in a wobbly salute.

Sparing a look at the piece of cake he’d been given and the bright blue icing that somehow managed to match Cloud’s eyes, Leon stood and glared at the young ninja.

“Squall is dead,” he growled as he snatched up the half full bottle and stalked out of the café.

“Good one, Yuffie. I knew it would be too much to hope you had learnt to keep your big mouth shut,” Cloud said with a glare of his own as he stood up.

“Yer not going after that moody dumbass, are you?” Cid asked nodding towards the large doors that lead to Traverse’s Second District which the brunette had gone through.

“And if I am?”

“Nuttin’,” Cid said as he took a long drag on his ever present cigarette. “I just think you’re mad and wasting your time, that’s all.”

“He needs help, Cid,” Cloud said as he pushed his chair back under the table and smiled gently at Aerith as she took her seat next to Yuffie, the cake she had given to Leon placed back on their table. “Leon needs someone to talk to. Like Vincent did,” he finished quietly.

“Yer a real bastard, Cloud. Was havin’ a good time till you went and said that,” Cid grumbled, stubbing out the half finished smoke and immediately lighting up another.

“We’ll find him, Cid. The others too,” Cloud said as he turned from the table. “I might not come back to the workshop tonight so I’ll see you all tomorrow,” he called over his shoulder as he strode away.

“I’ll make sure they get back to the workshop safely,” Aerith promised as she cut herself a fresh piece of the cake that sat in the middle of their table. “Be careful.”

Cloud simply flashed them a big grin as he slipped through the doors.

Wandering in the direction of the hotel, Cloud turned his head and looked down as movement caught his eye. So that’s where you’re going. Calmly, the blonde vaulted over the edge of the walkway, landing next to the fountain and headed through the door that Leon had just used.

Now where have you gone? Cloud thought as he scanned the new area for the brunette. About to head towards the sewers, Cloud heard a soft, syrupy popping noise and looked around. Heartless knew better than to try and attack one tainted by an aura of darkness like his and so Cloud knew that Leon was nearby and possibly in danger.

“You think I’m going to give in to the likes of you?” Cloud heard Leon’s mutter as he rounded the corner.

Sitting on a barrel, Leon was watching the small heartless that sat atop the street lamp, the tiny black body covering the light source and throwing the alleyway into more shadow.

“What do you want?” Leon asked again and Cloud realised that the brunette was addressing him.

“Just wondering if you were okay. You seemed…” Cloud trailed off, not sure what to say.

“I seemed lonely?” Leon finished for him, face twisting with self-disgust as he took a deep drink from the bottle he held. “Maybe because I am. Least you have familiar faces to see, people that know you and care about you” the brunette said pointing a not completely steady finger at the other man. “There’s nothing here to remind me of home. Sometimes I wonder if it even existed or if it was a dream.”

“You know it was…is real,” Cloud said as he slowly approached the brunette, hands out to show he was of no danger. “Never forget it and one day you’ll find your way back home.”

“But everything is gone!” Leon growled as he slammed a fist into the barrel he sat on.

“I lost everything too,” Cloud said quietly, almost to himself as he leaned against the brick wall near Leon and stared blankly at the opposite wall. “Even before the heartless came my life hadn’t been so simple. My lover became my tormentor and destroyed my hometown. I saw my childhood home burn down knowing my mother was still in the building. My best friend was shot before my eyes and I partly assumed his identity without realising it. There are days when I wonder if this is the real me,” Cloud said as he turned his head a little to look at the stunned gunblader.

“I…I didn’t know,” Leon said, offering Cloud the bottle but the blonde declined.

“No one knows the whole story of what happened back then, not even me,” Cloud admitted with a small shrug. “I get flashes sometimes but everything is fragmented and makes little sense so I don’t worry too much about it. Having Cid, Yuffie and Aerith here help to make this place bearable. I don’t know what I’d do if they disappeared now,” Cloud said as he looked up at the few stars that shone brightly. Beside him Leon sat quietly with his eyes closed, probably thinking of missing friends like Cloud was now.

“Heh, looks like I was right all along then,” Leon said with a hollow laugh, eyes not opening as he tossed the mostly empty bottle at the far wall, the shatter of glass loud after the brief silence. “I don’t need anyone otherwise I wouldn’t be stuck here by myself. I don’t need you,” Leon said turning to glare with angry silvery eyes at the blonde, “and I certainly don’t need your friends. I’m useless here and I was useless back on my own world, nothing more than a thing to be commanded. I deserve to be alone.”

“You are not alone, Squall,” Cloud said, quickly grabbing the brunette’s arm as the other slid off the barrel and started to leave, intentionally using his given name to guarantee the brunette’s attention. “We are here with you.”

“Do not call me that,” Leon said.

“Listen to me, Squall,” Cloud persisted. “I won’t let you be alone here,” he said, jerking the other man towards him.

“You offering?” Leon asked with a slight sneer reminiscent of another blonde he knew as he looked Cloud from head to toe.

“No, I’m taking,” Cloud growled, blue eyes glowing in the semi-darkness as he spun them around and pinned Leon’s body to the wall, arms pressed hard against the cool brickwork as he fastened their lips together.

Unsurprised by the turn of events, Leon didn’t fight the body leaning into his. He knew Cloud was sleeping with Cid, the two blondes not very quiet when they really got going. Opening his mouth he welcomed Cloud’s tongue, his own moving to meet its advance. Being pinned like this reminded Squall of the many times Seifer had done the same in the training centre, usually after a duel, only Seifer’s fingers or tongue stifling his cries of passion until they both achieved release and slid to the damp soil beneath them, panting and sticky. But soon the hand sliding into the tight confines of his leather pants made Squall forget about the past.

Cloud couldn’t tell if Squall was with him or not, the brunette giving in easily and allowing the blonde to control their encounter. After the many belts and clasps of Sephiroth’s clothing, the belts that Squall wore were easy to remove, clinking against the wall as Cloud pulled at the leather he wore. Hands moved to his own clothing and Cloud looked into heated blue eyes, Squall very much with him in mind and body and wanting to continue. Cloud grinned and leaned forward for another kiss.

Hands delved into clothing and eased it from hot bodies to pool at their feet on the ground. Squall had one leg free of his leathers, the pale limb curled around Cloud’s bared hip as the blonde thrust lube slicked fingers deep into his willing body, arms wrapped around muscled shoulders as Cloud sucked on the skin of his throat and shoulders. Squall didn’t question why the other man was carrying the tube, guessing that both Cloud and Cid carried them just in case they were needed. He cried out as fingers brushed over nerves within him, arms tightening their hold to pull Cloud closer.

“Now,” Squall panted, eyes scrunched closed as jolts of electricity tingled up his spine.

Cloud followed the command, his own body needing more than just the occasional rub of Squall’s skin across his. Quickly slicking his erection, the blonde hooked his arms under Squall’s hips and positioned himself before pausing and looking at the flushed face of his new lover, still slicked hand moving to lightly stroke at the cock standing proud between their bodies.

“Look at me, Squall.”

Blue eyes opened slowly and the moment they fully focused on Cloud he thrust deep into Squall’s welcoming heat, the cry of pleasure as loud as the shattering glass from earlier. Entwined around the blonde, Squall could do nothing more than ride out the storm of passion that Cloud made him feel as he was taken, the hard and demanding pace set ensuring the encounter to be quick and messy. Cloud cried out in orgasm first, his body unable to fight the delicious tight heat around it, the extra friction caused by Squall’s subsequent release milking the blonde for all he could give.

Panting loudly as their bodies clamed down, Cloud noted that they were now on the cold ground, Squall wincing as he rested back on the wall.

“You alright, Squall?” Cloud asked.

“Scraped my back,” Squall said. “And it’s Leon,” he added, pulling away from the blonde.

“Let me see your back,” Cloud said as he followed Leon into standing and working out the odd kinks in his legs. A pair of nasty looking scrapes ran the length of Leon’s back and Cloud quickly spoke a cure spell to heal them.

“Sorry, Squall,” he whispered as the other man shivered at the touch of magic.

“You’re not going to call me Leon anymore, are you?” the brunette asked with an annoyed sigh as he began to dress.

“No, I don’t think so,” Cloud said as he too dressed. Once done, the two men stood looking at each other.

“Um…happy birthday,” Squall said awkwardly.


“How do you know what date it is anyways?” the brunette asked as he used the edge of his boot to sweep the broken bits of glass close to the far wall so no one would hurt themselves.

“Oh, Cid has been keeping a calendar,” Cloud said as he watched. “As far as we can tell it’s pretty accurate.”

“So what month is it?”

“August,” Cloud said and then wondered why Squall’s movements seemed to miss a beat. He watched as Squall paused for a longer moment before walking past him.

“You think Aerith would bake me a cake for my birthday?” Squall asked as he left the alleyway and lead the way to the nearby hotel.

“I’ll ask her,” Cloud promised as he followed the brunette. “You…ah…want to celebrate it?”

“Yeah,” Squall said as he stopped and looked up at the stars above them. “We could do that. Cid won’t mind?”

Cloud smiled at the thought of the rather unhappy older man he’d left in the care of Yuffie and Aerith and of just how they could cheer him up.

“Sure, he won’t mind at all as long as we invite him,” he said as he grabbed the hotel door and dragged Squall inside. “But until then I’d like to finish enjoying my birthday,” he whispered invitingly as he wrapped an arm about the brunette and let the door fall closed behind them.