Brother's Boy-toy
FF:AC collobrative shotafic by Garden's Gnome and Miss Kalloway

Loz sneered down at the children eating quietly under the glowing trees of the ancient city. Kadaj had decided feeding them would make them more docile and thus easier to control and from what Loz could see, Kadaj was right - except for one. Separate from the children affected by geostigma was the girl who he had taken along with Brotherís chest of materia. Marlene refused to eat any food offered her and had even tried to escape, forcing the three clones to chain her to the heavy chest until they decided what to do with her. Now she sat there glaring at him with her dark eyes, mouth firmly shut as Kadaj tried coaxing her to eat, bare fingers placing tiny morsels of food to lips that would not open.

Brat, Loz thought as he glared back at her, starting to become angry at the girl for the special attention she was receiving from Kadaj just because she knew Brother so well. About to say something to her, the short-haired clone turned away to answer his phone, the ring tone and vibrations sounding louder than usual in the stillness.


"I have a gift for you," Yazooís voice purred deeply in his ear. "Come around the back."

Loz stared at his phone for a moment after snapping it shut and then simply left Kadaj where he was with the girl, knowing that the younger clone would call them when he was ready.

Arriving at the rear of the large shell structured house, Loz only saw an empty clearing and was about to phone Yazoo when the long-haired clone stepped out from behind a tree, tugging along one of the children.

"I picked him up with the others," Yazoo said as he forced the child in to the clearing ahead of him, the youth stumbling clumsily forward, unable to gain any balance with him arms secured behind his back and thus falling to his knees.

"Brotherís boy-toy," Loz grinned evilly as Denzel came to a halt in front of him. "Brother will definitely come here now," Loz said to Yazoo. "We have his materia, the girl and his little boy."

"Marlene?!" Denzel shouted in surprise as he struggled to his bare feet. "Donít you hurt her!"

"Iíd be more worried about what weíre going to do to you," Loz said as he leaned close to Denzelís upturned face and tapped his cheek with his phone. "Nice clothes."

"Thought you would like them," Yazoo said, coming up to place his hands on Denzelís shoulders, trapping the boy between them. "Want to play with him?"

"Oh yes, Iím sure Brother wonít mind," Loz whispered huskily, kneeling down to run a gloved hand over the leather so like his own that clothed the boy. His hand continued to travel downwards and he felt the light tremble that the boy could no hide.

"You like that?" he asked quietly, smiling as he cupped the front of Denzelís tight pants.

"No... no..." Denzel protested as the zip was released, unable to go anywhere as Yazoo held him still.

"Letís see how you like this," Loz said, grinning as he quickly slipped his phone into the opening and zipped it up again, quirking a silver brow at how strange it looked before shrugging and leering up at the other clone. "When youíre ready, Yazoo."

Denzel cringed as he heard a series of beeps behind him and then cried out when the phone in his leather pants began to vibrate as it rang, his body falling to the cool ground as he his legs gave out from the sensations being forced upon him, a quiet moan escaping his lips while the two clones watched on.

"Such a pretty sound," Yazoo cooed down at Denzel.

Writhing as he tried to dislodge the vibrating cell, Denzel fought the arousal that threatened to overwhelm him. But the leather he'd been forced into, the leather so much like theirs, was too tight for even the smallest bit of relief.

Yazoo knelt over him, hair trailing down and threatening to tickle against the small part of bare skin left at his neck.

"Oh, don't worry," Yazoo said, hand trailing down to run just beside aching partial hardness, "I'm sure our brother will come for you, just like we know you come for him."

Blue eyes glazed over with pleasure tried to glare up at the silver-haired clone but Denzel could do nothing more than squeeze them tightly shut as he panted on the ground. Soft leather stroking across his cheek made him open again and glowing green eyes filled his vision.

"Tell me," Loz whispered softly as Yazoo yet again rang his phone. "Does he touch you here until you scream?"

Denzel bit deep into his lip to muffle the cry trying to escape him as Loz braced his hands either side of his head and slid a muscled thigh between his trembling legs to rub hard against his rapidly growing erection.

The phone was pure torture now, sitting just against the head of his arousal and providing perfect counterpoint to the weight of Loz's thigh. Trying to twist, to do something other than moaning, Denzel finally made the ultimate mistake - he thrust upward, something not missed by either of the silver-haired men.

"Oh," Loz said, a smirk forming on his lips as he looked from Denzel to Yazoo and back again, "Brother has taught you well."

Denzel didn't reply, trying to keep his lips tight as Loz dipped to kiss his jaw, following downward to soft flesh of his neck.

"Leave a mark," Yazoo ordered, finally snapping his phone shut.

"You come on my phone and you'll be licking it off," Loz warned, leaning up for a moment to nibble on Denzel's ear as he tugged the zip on the front of the outfit the youth wore.

Cool air hit Denzel's heated skin and he gasped at the contrast.

"That's it," Loz purred. "Make some noise for me."

A choked cry escaped parted lips as Loz bit down on the supple flesh of the boy's neck, Denzel flinching at the initial pain that soon dissolved into a pleasant sucking sensation occasionally interrupted by a wet tongue moving across his abused skin. Distracted by this, Denzel failed to notice that he was now moving against the body holding him down, craving more friction now that the phone has stopped its teasing vibrations.

"Looks like he doesn't want to be rescued," Yazoo commented, kneeling beside the pair, calmly watching. "Maybe you're quite a bit better than Brother..."

"No," Denzel said softly before interrupting himself with a sharp intake of breath as one of Loz's hands slid between their bodies, giving the youth the friction he needed. "Cloud is..."

"Tell me," Yazoo replied, leaning closer, cupping Denzel's chin and forcing Denzel to look at him. "Tell me what Brother does to you."

Unzipping leather farther, exposing pale, scar-free skin, Loz licked at one of Denzel's pale, hard nipples, completely robbing Denzel of the ability to speak altogether.

"Tell me!" Yazoo demanded, forcing Denzel's chin higher as he made sure the mark Loz had left was a delicious dark purple.

"Ah... He..." Denzel replied, starting to shiver. "He..."

"Look what you did to my phone," Loz growled, gaining attention of clone and boy as he held it up. A tiny streak of fluid marred its usually pristine surface.

"Not that..." Denzel whispered looking a little horrified as the phone was moved closer to his face.

"Brother doesn't do this? I bet he would if you asked nicely," Yazoo purred into the boy's ear as the silvery phone was pressed to his lips. "Or you don't want to lick it?"

Denzel shook his head, unintentionally spreading his essences over his tiny lips.

"Mine," Loz growled, pushing Yazoo away from Denzel as he grabbed the leather collar and pulled Denzel up off the ground, tongue plunging between surprised lips.

Yazoo caught the discarded phone mid-air, frowning before bringing it to his own lips, tongue darting out to lick it clean before throwing it to the ground by Loz's feet.

The things he did for Loz, sometimes... The indulgences...

"Cloud will be mad!" Denzel exclaimed as Loz pulled his mouth away for a moment, not letting go of that collar though. Two fingers, hooked, were all it took to hold the boy in mid-air. So small...

But that wasn't going to work, no... Forcing the youth down onto his knees, exposed arousal nearly dripping with shimmering fluid, Loz made Denzel look forward at his own covered hardness.

"Then let's make sure to make him really angry," Loz replied, holding one hand on Denzel's head as he reached down with his other one.

Yazoo's hand brushed Loz's aside as he moved to stand behind the other clone. "Let me help you with that," he said as his gloved hands slid over hips and a deliciously hard bulge.

Loz leaned back into the hard body pressing against his even as his hips undulated forward to rub against the hand now slowly releasing his length from the tight confines of leather pants. He shivered as the hand stroked over him and smiled down at Denzel's wide eyes.

"Don't worry, we're not going to leave you out," Loz promised, taking over the stroking of his own cock as Yazoo left him to kneel behind the boy.

Denzel gasped as the leather jacket he wore was yanked down around his elbows, exposing his back to the tickle of long silvery hair. He squirmed as lips moved gently across the top of his shoulder and whimpered as teeth bit down on his skin. His whimper became a strangled sound of panic as Loz pressed the tip of his engorged flesh to his lips.

Trying to turn his head away, Denzel found himself tight in Yazoo's grasp, unable to move as Loz pressed forward again, wetness smearing on his lips.

"Open up," Yazoo demanded, leaning close so he could whisper into Denzel's ear. "We know you know how to do this..."

Denzel made a soft, pitiful noise that turned into an accidental open-mouthed moan when Yazoo flicked his own tongue over Denzel's ear, catching the lobe between his teeth and biting gently.

Not missing his moment, Loz quickly guided his arousal past those soft parted lips, gasping himself at the hot warmth of Denzel's mouth.

And even with tears forming in the corners of his eyes, Denzel finally complied, darting his small pink tongue over the tip of Loz's erection as he tried not to gag just from the sheer size of what he was being given.

"There now, that wasn't so bad," Yazoo crooned to the boy as he licked the tears from his cheeks. "Don't break him, Loz," he commanded, tongue swiping over Loz's cock where Denzel's lips were stretched almost painfully tight around it.

"He's so soft and warm," Loz breathed as he fought to restrain his body, keeping his movements slow for the moment.

"I bet he's very tight as well," Yazoo said, grabbing the small leather clad bottom of their captive hard, thumbs teasing at the waistband as he pulled Denzel flush against his body and rocked against him. "Brother wouldn't be rough with his toys, not like us."

Denzel moaned, a muffled noise of fear laced with something else that only opened his mouth wider to the velvety hardness he was being forced to suck at. He didn't want to enjoy this, not one bit, but a tingle of pleasure was beginning to curl up within him, a tingle that became a jolt as gloved hands suddenly slipped into his pants to touch and tease him.

The sheer concentration it was taking to be good and not gag at Loz's shallow thrusts was probably the only thing keeping him from focusing on the heat radiating from lower, where Yazoo was stroking him harder and faster.

His young cock all but vanished beneath soft black leather, strangely cool on his skin but no less pleasure-filled. But there was going to be punishment for his own release, he knew, and even as he tried to work his tongue over Loz's arousal, he was afraid.

"Are we better than Brother?" Yazoo asked softly, nipping at Denzel's other ear before toying with the silver stud that pierced the lobe. "Oh... did he give this to you? Is this his mark?"

Denzel wasn't sure how he was supposed to answer, mouth filled beyond capacity and head being held, hands still bound behind his back by both leather and metal...

Yazoo was still stroking him, too, building and releasing friction as that soft leather slid over him.

And then the long haired clone changed hands, his glove slick with Denzel's pre-come sliding over a pale hip and buttock to dip into the shadowed crevice there. Denzel struggled a little as a lone finger teased his opening, pushing hard enough to almost breach the tiny muscles that fluttered at the touch.

Denzel pulled his head back as the finger suddenly pressed deeply into his body, teeth clenched as his breath hissed out of him and his body strained away from the intruder.


"Don't cry, Loz. Be thankful he pulled back and didn't bite you," Yazoo said as he rubbed his cheek against Denzel's, skin becoming damp from the tears running down soft cheeks as he fought the release building up within him.

"Don't fight us," Loz whispered, falling to his knees and looking painfully aroused as he began to tug the tight leather pants from slim legs.

"...hurts..." Denzel managed to stammer, shivering as Loz pressed up against his front, their arousals crashing together with Yazoo's other hand which shifted to try to stroke them both, together, pre-come and saliva combining to ease the motions.

He felt like was stuck in a tangle now, shaking as the pain of penetration threatened pleasure as he rocked his erection in Yazoo's hand, making Loz moan...

They kissed over his shoulder, in a way that he couldn't see them but did know what they were doing, so intimate even when tormenting him.

"He's so tight, Loz," Yazoo said, licking his lips a moment later. "Let me have him. Let me keep stretching him for you."

And almost on cue, that slicked leather-clad finger found something that caused Denzel to cry out, arching as his arousal slid from Yazoo's hand to instead press against the hard muscle of Loz's stomach.

"He won't last much longer if you keep doing that to him," Loz gasped out, arms reaching forward to take full possession of the youth writhing in the other clone's grasp.

Denzel whimpered as the gloved hands left him and he was pulled against a firmly muscled chest. He felt Loz's arms slowly move around his back and then pain shot up his own sleeping arms as they were untied. He cried out, a cry cut short as Yazoo placed a hand over his mouth.

"Make noise like that and you'll have Kadaj to deal with as well," Yazoo warned as he fully removed the leather jacket and draped Denzel's sore arms around Loz's neck.

"I'm not sharing with Kadaj," Loz growled before burying his face against Denzel's marked skin, sucking again at the purple mark from earlier.

Denzel held on as best he could as the torment began anew, gasping in surprise as bare warm skin came into contact with his back. The he felt Loz move a little, maneuvering the small body in his arms so that Denzel was straddling his bare thighs, the heat and friction of Loz's cock against his making him shiver. Then the finger returned, this time bare as it entered him, Yazoo's saliva easing its path into tight heat.

"My coat is there if you need it," Yazoo told Loz as he carefully slipped a second finger into Denzel, any noise the boy made swallowed up by Yazoo's lips as he turned Denzel's face to the side and kissed him, tongue delving deeply to taste every bit of the boy's mouth.

Denzel was almost surprised at Yazoo's kiss, not expecting it to be as heated yet still gentle. And then he realized that Yazoo was just hunting down the taste of Loz within him.

The fingers inside his body weren't painful anymore, either, despite their size and motion, ignoring that beautiful place that caused white stars and instead just stretching, readying tight heat for something more.

Teeth nipped at his neck, a mix of pleasure and pain dancing together in yet another part of his body as Loz made sure that mark would be something Cloud wouldn't miss.

"You really should let him come," Yazoo suggested, running a hand over Denzel's arousal yet again, trailing fluid from the tip down to its base and watching Denzel shake with the motion, trying not to cry out but still letting a moan escape from between clenched teeth.

Nodding silently in agreement, Loz let Yazoo take the boy from his arms and lay him out on the long leather coat. He looked so delectable as he tried to hide his nakedness from the two men looming over him, body flushed with arousal and tiny tremors running over him.

Loz licked his lips in anticipation as he knelt on the edge of the coat and pulled Denzel towards him, hands massaging the pale globes of flesh presented to him and thumbs dipping to tease the prepared opening causing the boy to whimper.

"Loz," Yazoo said softly as he came up beside the other clone and stroked a finger over his bare hip.

"What?" Loz ground out, teeth gritted as he resisted the heat and scents he could feel emanating from the small body under him.

Yazoo didn't say anything, merely placing his lips to a naked shoulder and leaving a trail of kisses on the skin, slitted green eyes locked onto desperate blue as his hand wrapped about Loz's length, the fingers slick with cool gel. He smiled as Loz hissed and placed his forehead on Denzel's shoulder, trying to keep his breathing even and not thrust into the hand stroking him. Yazoo squeezed out the last of the gel right onto Loz's thumbs and then watched as his fellow clone spread it around a little, occasionally dipping one digit into the tight heat of the boy whose little body pulled it in and rocked up silently asking for more.

"He's ready, Loz," Yazoo said, removing his hand from Loz's cock and moving to attend to the boy again, listening to the aroused body as it told them what it needed, regardless of what Denzel really wanted.

Loz nodded, concentration apparent on his face as he positioned himself, unaware of wide eyes watching him.

"Relax," Yazoo said, reaching to almost absently run his slender fingers through Denzel's hair to comfort him. "It'll hurt if you don't relax, but you know that, don't you? Loz is quite a big... bigger than Brother though, I'm sure..."

Closing his eyes, Denzel tried to focus on Yazoo's words, already wanting to scream as the slick tip of Loz' arousal pushed against his body, threatening to press past tight young muscle.

"Shhh," Yazoo reminded him, pressing a bared finger to Denzel's lips, tracing their swollen pink as he let his gaze slip from Loz.

Trying desperately to be quiet, Denzel still let out an audible exhale of breath as Loz pushed slowly inside of him, forcing him open and impaling him a millimeter at a time.

And yet the taste of Loz's pre-come lingered in his mouth, the sickly-sweet taste of Mako taint, as Denzel realized he was trying to meet Loz's movement. Something had to go faster. Somewhere there would be more of the frightening pleasure offered just moments before.

Denzel screamed when Loz found it, a sudden deep thrust sending flashes of white heat throughout him. His scream was muffled by Yazoo's bare hand, green eyes glaring down at him before looking away.

"He's too noisy," Yazoo hissed, looking past Loz to the entrance to the clearing and the house near it.

"Well do something about it," Loz mumbled distractedly, his attention focused on his cock and where it disappeared into the tight opening of the boy, large hands gripping pale hips hard enough to bruise.

Yazoo looked down at the moaning youth, blue glazed eyes and flushed skin, feeling the hot breath against his palm as it tried to keep the noise to a minimum. "Turn him over," he said, noting those passion hazed eyes watching him and beginning to come back into focus at his words.

Loz grunted as he pulled out and picked Denzel up, holding the small body to his chest for a moment before lowering the boy onto his hands and knees. Looking to where Yazoo was now kneeling, Loz grinned ferally and re-entered the boy from behind, sinking deep into tight warmth as Yazoo quickly discarded his full length leather coat and unzipped his pants, Denzel's open-mouthed cry cut short by the hard flesh Yazoo had been concealing all this time.

"That has to hurt," Loz said conversationally as he rode the supply body between them.

"It'll be better shortly," Yazoo replied, running his hands over Denzel's back as he carefully thrust into the boy's mouth.

Trying not to choke on Yazoo's arousal, Denzel found himself unable to more than suck, his body too jolted from Loz's deep thrusts to put any sort of coherent technique together. Not that Yazoo seemed to mind as he pulled back a bit and thrust again, using Denzel's mouth much as his ass was being used by Loz.

Yazoo flicked his eyes up to watch Loz, so thoroughly into his own actions as he slid fully into Denzel's body before pulling back, watching inches of his arousal slide into perfect tight heat.

Toying with Denzel's hair, Yazoo kept his gaze on Loz as he sunk his own erection again into the moist warmth of Denzel's mouth.

"You should touch him," Yazoo commanded, closing his eyes for a moment as Denzel's tongue managed to find a particularly sensitive spot. "He's being so good for us."

Denzel couldn't help a slight shiver, wondering if either man so wickedly using him had even noticed. And he couldn't help a deep moan as one of Loz's strong hands wrapped around his length, stroking at first awkwardly before slowly matching movement to the rhythm of the thrusts deep within.

Yazoo gasped and panted a little as Denzel's moan sent vibrations along his length, the long-haired clone moving closer to release as they continued. Denzel now moved freely between, thrusting back onto Loz's ample cock and forward into his large hand and thus moving his mouth on and off of Yazoo, moaning almost continuously now. Yazoo, unable to help himself, raked his fingernails along that small pale back, the boy arching into or away from the touch hard to tell through the haze of lust and need for release. The movement caused Loz to strike deep within, Denzel gasping and flicking his tongue particularly hard against the flesh in his mouth.

Yazoo's eyes closed to bright green slits as he came, first stream of fluid hitting the back of Denzel's throat before Yazoo managed to pull himself free, pumping his twitching cock as Denzel continued to suck at the tip, his open mouthed moans causing more of it to land on his lips and chin than in his mouth. Yazoo saw the boy lick at his wet lips and in the next moment Denzel was suspended between the two clones, Yazoo having placed his arms under Denzel's, lifting the boy's mouth up to where he could plunge his tongue into it. Yazoo's fingers clutched at Loz's side as he kissed the boy, Loz licking and biting at pale skin as he continued towards his own release, fingers brushing over Yazoo's spent and sensitive flesh as he dragged the boy there with him.

Trapped between the pair of clones, Denzel could do nothing more than try to clutch at Yazoo, weaving his fingers into silky hair. He hadn't thought that Loz could manage to press deeper inside of his body, but now he was, rhythm and control sinking away.

Yazoo has moaning into his mouth, echoing choked gasps as Denzel's arousal slipped half from Loz's hand as Loz reached out to his brother, leaving it to run on the leather of Yazoo's top.

Each motion now hit perfectly, keeping near constant pressure against whatever it was inside that was driving his body to such a frenzy. Feeling completely over-stimulated, Denzel let his body go completely slack, riding Loz's deep thrusts with abandon as Yazoo held him, cleaning away semen from his lips and chin, drinking in the Mako-taint of his own seed.

Parting his lips ever so slightly as his body was overcome, Denzel couldn't help it as he felt his body stiffen just a split second before dizzying heat washed through him, tightening muscle around Loz's hardness as his orgasm shook through him, his come streaking over Yazoo's clothing and Loz's glove.

And once he felt somewhere back in his own body, Loz was still near-painfully hard within him, speeding up thrusts even as Yazoo tilted his head up to lick the tears Denzel hadn't even realized were running down his face.

"Aa...ah, Yazoo..." Loz clutched at Yazoo's arms, desperation washing over his face as his eyes finally caught the other man's.

"Go ahead," Yazoo replied, granting permission for completion. Denzel grabbed at Yazoo's chest, almost a little embarrassed at wanting to bury his face against the man's chest, still unsure just how willing a party to this pleasure he actually was.

Loz's cry shook him as much as a sharp thrust upward, pushing him against Yazoo anyway as Loz emptied himself quickly, pulling back just a second later, leaving Denzel in Yazoo's arms.

"What?" Yazoo asked, looking away from Loz for a second to find himself confronted with Denzel's questioning gaze. "I'm not Brother. I'm not going to curl up with you and pet your hair because you're a good boy."

Denzel pulled away, wondering how he had any strength at all as he grabbed for clothing. Right... Yes... Cloud would... wouldn't he?