FFVII Drabble for M
By Garden's Gnome

Vincent walked down the stairs slowly, noises from the kitchen catching his attention enough to get him out of bed. If Cloud had still been in bed, he would have easily found a reason to stay. But his lover had risen early for a run, leaving Vincent asleep in their bed.

Leaning against the doorway, Vincent looked into the small kitchen.

Tifa, wearing a “kiss the cook” apron, was making waffles, occasionally telling Cid not to put greasy tools on her table. Cid just slapped her hands away whenever they tried to relieve him of the part he was working on. At least he isn’t smoking at the table, Vincent thought to himself.

At the other end of the table sat Cait Sith with Barrett’s daughter Marlene sitting on its head where the cat with the megaphone usually was. Vincent frowned, trying to remember why the mog would be in the kitchen.

“Reeve…shouldn’t you be in a meeting right about now?” Vincent asked, making Cid jump and drop some of his tools.

“Godammit, Vince! Warn people when you come into a room,” the blonde pilot growled as he searched under the table for the dropped items.

“Sorry Cid.”

“Good morning, Vincent,” Tifa said, moving to put more waffles on the table. “Hungry?” she asked as he took a seat.

“A little,” he said, grabbing some coffee.

“Reeve, get out of the flour!”

All heads turned to see Tifa put a flour-covered cat on the bench. The creature then stood and fished his megaphone out of the flour canister before jumping onto the table.

“Sorry Tifa,” came Reeve’s voice from the cat as he moved to join Marlene on the mog’s head. The girl laughed and started to dust him off.

“Reeve, why is Cait Sith here?” Vincent asked again, biting into one of his waffles.

“Barrett wanted to do some shopping. I agreed to watch Marlene while he was out.”

“Oh, okay.”

“Now that looks disturbing,” came Cloud’s voice as he entered the kitchen, pointing at Cait Sith eating some of Marlene’s waffles.

“Don’t you try to out weird me, I get stranger things than you free with my breakfast cereal!”

“Huh?” asked Cloud from where he perched himself on Vincent’s lap.

“You two. Fang boy here,” Reeve said pointing at Vincent; “doesn’t need to eat waffles if he’s been snacking on you.”

Vincent looked at Cloud and the turtleneck sweater he wore, before carefully pulled down one side, to reveal fresh fang marks.


“It’s alright, Chaos only takes a little,” Cloud said quietly.

“I just wish we didn’t have to do that to you,” Vincent whispered, placing a kiss on the marked flesh.

Cloud shivered in his arms.

“Not at my table, you two,” Tifa said, sitting down opposite them.

Vincent smiled and then ran his tongue over the warm skin under his tongue before putting the cloth back over Cloud’s neck.

He would drag Cloud back to bed as soon as he finished his waffles.