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Disclaimer: *sighs* Not mine, wish they were - but don't we all? All FF characters belong to Square and I'm just throwing them into this fic for my own and my reader's pleasure. Silver-haired bishie of choice for this fic is Sephiroth. I want his sword! *snickers* Take that any way you see fit *leers* Enjoy the fic! Written for the SHBY list’s fuh-q fest challenge. AU and some rather blatant OOCness

This is YAOI - boys with boys, caring, desiring, kissing, hugging, groping…um, yeah…but that’s why you’re reading this, yes?

Hail and Ride
By Garden’s Gnome

Sighing as he pulled his taxi up to the curb, Sephiroth fervently wished for his shift to be over. He had been driving for what seemed like hours and was ready to call it a night. The beginning of his Friday shift always started with ferrying little old ladies to and from bingo and ended with driving drunks home from the clubs.

Neon lights in fluorescent blue, green and pink flashed across his windshield and washed over his long hair as a large group of teens piled into the back of his vehicle, a van style to allow for wheelchairs. There was so many that two had to share the bench seat in the front with him.

“Quite the group…Where you all heading to?” he asked the teen beside him without looking as he pulled out onto the road. A moment later, they were on their way to the first drop off. Listening to the rowdy noise coming from the back of the cab, Sephiroth glanced down at the youth beside him. “You’re quiet. Didn’t you have a good night out too?”

“He was the driver. Had to stay sober,” came a call from the back as a hand reached forward and ruffled already tousled brown hair.

“So where’s the car?” Sephiroth asked, sparing a glance into the mirror to find whom the hand belonged to. A tattooed blond was relaxing back into his seat, curling his arm around the shoulders of a petite brunette with large green eyes.

“It got…um…,” came the quiet voice beside him.

“Towed away!” cheered someone else from the back, the announcement met with many groans of disbelief.

“And it’s your fault too Irvine,” said the brunette girl, kicking a teen in a cowboy hat with her platform boots. “How you got your license when you don’t even know where you are allowed to park…”

“Owww, Sefie. That hurt!” exclaimed the loudest of the group in a slightly slurred voice as he tried to hide behind the blond next to him. “Seifer, you gonna let her kick me around like that?”

“I should…,” said the green eyed blond before wrapping an arm around Irvine and pulling him close. Then he mock glared at Selphie, “Irvine’s mine to chastise so keep your boots to yourself.”

Sephiroth pulled up before the first house to chants and giggles of ‘spank me harder, Seifer!’ from the back of his cab. The front passenger door opened and a young woman with long brown hair got out.

“Goodnight everyone,” she called cheerfully into the back window just before the cab pulled away. Whistles and calls of farewell to the girl, Tifa , were shouted out the open windows until the cab pulled out of the street.

“Where next?” Sephiroth asked as the teen beside him slid across the seat to lean on the door. In the lights on the dash, the sliver-haired man could make out a smooth handsome face that was only marred by a scar. Smokey blue eyes looked up at him before looking into the back.

“Did Quisty and Rai make it?” the youth asked. He turned a bit more, giving Sephiroth a quick view of a firm ass encased in tight leather. The silver haired man forced his eyes back onto the road.

“Yeah, they’re here. Don‘t worry about it Squall,” came a chuckled answer from Seifer as he leaned to the side to show the missing teens. Sephiroth’s eyes flickered to the mirror as he heard a groan, bright green orbs taking in the relaxed sprawl of a large youth.


Sephiroth’s eyes widened as a slim hand appeared from in front of Raijin, the owner remaining unseen, to wave to the rest of the group. Then the hand disappeared again.

“Mmm, yeah. That’s it, ya know,” came Rai’s deep voice as one of his own hands disappeared out of sight.

“You lot making out in the back of my cab?” Sephiroth asked, dividing his attention between the road and the teens in the back. At one or two nods he sighed. “Don’t be making a mess then,” he told them, deciding to leave them to it and concentrate on getting them all home as quickly as possible. He turned on the radio and looked over to find the blue-eyed youth watching him, a light blush on his cheeks. They had called him Squall. Sephiroth motioned him a little closer so they could chat quietly, a needed distraction from the noises behind them. That didn’t stop the scents of lust flowing over them.

“Just how many are back there anyways?” he asked as he found a decent music station. Squall shrugged his shoulders slightly, his arm brushing against Sephiroth’s.

“Well, the only pair who haven’t made a noise is Zack and Cloud…they’re right in the back.”

Green eyes once again looked into the mirror. He smirked to see that they hadn’t wasted the opportunity to play in a cab. The tattooed blond had a hand under his girlfriend’s top. Seifer was now wearing the cowboy hat as he tried to devour Irvine. Raijin hadn’t moved at all, his eyes still closed in pleasure. Right at the back, two youths suddenly sat up, similar styles of spiky hair, one brown and one blond. Bright blue eyes met green and the blond grinned at Sephiroth before running his tongue across his lover’s cheek and then falling back out of sight. Sephiroth’s pants became uncomfortable real fast as he turned his eyes back to the road. “Oi, you lot keep your clothes on! And open a few more windows,” he commanded them and received waves of agreement.

He glanced down and saw that Squall was trying to hide the affects the noises from the back were also having on his body by un-tucking his tight shirt.

“Was that your girlfriend we dropped of first?” Sephiroth asked. Squall shook his head, brown locks brushing the collar of his blue shirt. “Just a friend then?”

Squall looked up into green eyes and sighed. Sephiroth noted the way his chest pushed against the shirt fabric, showing hard nubs begging for attention. “I had a bad break up with my last girlfriend,” Squall told him quietly and before Sephiroth could stop himself he’s brushed a hand across a pale cheek. Blue eyes quickly flew up to his and then turned away.

Placing both hands back onto the wheel, Sephiroth pulled up to the next stop. Raijin slid out of his seat and help Quistis to her feet. The blond woman smiled sheepishly at the driver and then was pulled from the cab, calling goodnight as Rai pulled the door closed.

“We’re next,” came Zell’s voice from the back as he and Selphie moved into the vacant seat to give Irvine and Seifer more room. “It’s just a few blocks away.”

Sephiroth looked into the mirror to see that two of the three couples were making themselves ready to leave the cab.

“They share a house,” came the quite reply to his thoughts.

“And what about you?” Sephiroth asked before he could stop himself.

“I live alone.”

Sephiroth thought this through as he pulled up in front of a large house. Muffled goodbyes were heard from the very back of the cab as Zack and Cloud bid the other couples farewell. Sephiroth and Squall watched as Selphie was tossed over Zell’s shoulder with a giggled ’tee-hee’, and carted into the house. Seifer and Irvine didn’t look like they would make it that far as they had stopped to lean against a large tree, lips locked in a heated kiss. Squall sighed as they pulled away, then gave directions to their driver for Cloud’s house.

Sephiroth sighed inwardly, thinking that someone this beautiful was not meant to be alone. He looked down once more to notice that Squall was squirming slightly in his seat and looking very uncomfortable. The last pair were beginning to get vocal and both men felt its affect. Sephiroth licked his lips and leaned closer to Squall’s ear.

“I could help you with that,” he whispered. He saw Squall’s blush deepen before turning his attention once more to the road. He could feel the lust vibrating through the youth next to him as he removed one of his hands from the wheel and placed it on the brunette’s thigh. The muscles tensed under his touch but did not pull away. He trailed one finger up the leg and slowly let it glide over the leather-clad bulge. Squall gasped as his hips flexed slightly, pushing up to find more friction. Sephiroth’s fingers immediately moved to undo the pants.

Sliding a long fingered hand into the tight pants, he was pleasantly surprised to find nothing between him and the youth’s erection. He heard a quiet groan as he swiped a finger across the leaking tip and then drew the digit to his mouth. “You taste good,” he murmured as the brunette’s own hand came to rest on his thigh.

Squall’s head dropped back onto the seat as Sephiroth slid his hand into the tight leather pants, the brunette exposing his pale neck to the air. Stopping at some traffic lights, Sephiroth quickly removed his hand and pulled the smaller male flush against his side. Curving his arm around the slim waist, he slid his hand back into Squall’s pants as he nuzzled the brunette’s ear. Curling his fingers around the firm erection he nipped the lobe with his teeth. Squall gasped quietly.

“Call me Sephiroth,” the silver haired man told the youth as he ran his tongue over the whole of Squall’s ear.

“Seph…ahhh,” came the words from Squall only to be lost in a groan as he felt the fingers around him flex. Sephiroth’s attention returned to the road when the lights changed. He felt Squall relax against him and move his legs a bit wider, accepting the older man’s pleasurable touches. Sephiroth removed his hand to a whimper of disappointment as he pulled up to the last couple’s home.

Squall looked up into green orbs as he tried not to blush and shiver from the loss of the other man’s touch. It was as if he couldn’t control his hormones, and his friends making out in the back of the cab certainly hadn’t helped a bit. He needed something and he instinctively knew this handsome man could give that something to him. Release.

He jumped slightly as a hand landed on his shoulder and he felt spiky blond hairbrush over his ear.

“Go for it,” Cloud whispered to his friend before climbing out of the vehicle. Squall was distracted by Cloud’s words that he didn’t see Zack give Sephiroth a small tube as a tip for an interesting ride home along with the whole fare for the cab ride. Zack called out the directions to Squall’s house as he moved to join Cloud on the curb, possessively wrapping an arm around muscled shoulders as they watched the taxi pull away.

Squall snuck a look at Sephiroth as the man drove them towards his home. He knew he should analyse his next actions but decided to just take Cloud’s advice and let his body’s wants and needs direct his actions. He was about to touch the silver haired man when the arm still around his waist tightened. Then as they waited for other cars to pass, Squall felt warm breath over his ear.

“I want you!” growled a husky voice and Squall’s head swung around, lips parted in slight surprise at the barely restrained lust he could hear.

Sephiroth wasted no time. Leaning forward, he captured the pouty lips and swept the inside warmth with his tongue as Squall moaned and tangled his hands into long silver locks. Sephiroth’s tongue stroked every available surface before engaging Squall’s in a dance of want and desire.

A car horn sounded behind them.

Dragging himself from the heated embrace, Sephiroth began to drive again. His hand found it’s way back into the brunette’s pants and began to stroke the erection gently. Whimpers came from the youth and he spared a glance to see lust filled smoky eyes locked onto his lips. He was painfully hard in his own pants and knew that he’d have to stop soon when he felt a tentative touch. He looked down to see that Squall’s hand had moved to his crotch and was trying to undo the button. He quickly pulled into the nearest empty car park at a closed shopping complex. He stopped the car but left the radio going.

“You’re sure about…,” he began to ask only to be silenced by warm lips covering his as Squall straddled his lap. The smaller man easily fit on Sephiroth’s lap behind the wheel and caused them both to gasp as their erections brushed against each other within their cloth restrictions.

Squall reached behind Sephiroth’s head and removed the loose tie that restrained long silvery locks and buried his fingers into them. Fingers rubbing against his nipples caused him to arch towards the other man, causing more pleasant friction between them.

“Have you done this before?” Sephiroth asked the brunette squirming wantonly in his arms. If the young man kept that up, neither of them would last for long.

Squall used his hands still twisted with in the other’s hair to pull his face, and more importantly his lips, closer. Brushing his own lips lightly over Sephiroth‘s, the brunette breathed a yes answer and then was crushed against a firm chest as the green-eyed man took over. Quickly delving his tongue into the welcoming warmth, Sephiroth began to push Squall’s shirt up the young man’s chest, exposing a taunt stomach and rosy nubs awaiting attention. Twisting them sideways in the seat, the older man brought Squall’s back into contact with the seat and leaned down to take one of the nubs between his teeth.

“Nnh…Seph…roth,” came the breathy cry from Squall’s lips as he arch towards wet lips. Continuing to suck on the brunette’s chest, long fingered hands fell to make quick work of leather pants.

Even in his daze, Squall felt the tug at his hips and lifted himself slightly to help get out of his own clothes. He watched through lust filled eyes as a crisp white shirt followed his pants to the floor, his own blue shirt joining them a scant second later. Slick lips met his in a possessive kiss, bare chests rubbing against each other as Sephiroth pressed their groins together. Squall immediately rocked up against the welcome pressure, groaning at the tingles that ran along his spine as lips trailed down to nip at his shoulder. A light, lifting touch to his leg found the pale limb perched over a muscled shoulder as the silver haired man leaned forward, his hair falling to brush over naked skin. Squall twisted it in his fingers and pulled on it as he was engulfed by liquid heat.

Sephiroth felt the tug on his hair as he took the brunette’s cock into his mouth and buried his nose into crisp curls. Sucking of the length in his mouth and tonguing the slit, he quickly undid his own restrictive pants and pulled them over his hips. He groaned as cool air hit him and heard the answering moan from the youth under him. Reaching around, he found the tube given him by Zack and liberally coated his fingers. Soon three lube slickened fingers pumped in and out of Squall, his mewling pants echoing within the enclosed space as he thrust down on the torturous digits.

“Now, Seph. Need you…now!” he panted out as the other man gave his prostrate one more tease before removing his fingers. Squall whimpered at the loss even as he felt the blunt tip of Sephiroth’s erection teasing his opening. His mouth opened in a silent cry of passion as he was entered, the length that was filling him much larger than what he had previously experienced. Squall found the feeling of stretching fullness delicious.

Sephiroth’s head fell forward onto Squall’s shoulder, silvery hair forming a curtain around them. The teen was so damn tight that he was fighting to control himself and not pound the lithe body under him into the seat. He felt Squall’s inner muscles tighten around him and growled in pleasure. Pulling out, green eyes locked with lust filled blue as Sephiroth set a firm, steady pace. His senses had been teased for the past half hour as he had driven the group all over town. Now it was just he and Squall.

The moment Sephiroth had begun to move within him, Squall knew he wouldn’t last long. His body was too sensitised, too turned on. Meeting the older man thrust for thrust, the brunette felt the first approaching tingles of orgasm when a large hand wrapped around his erection. His body jerked up, causing Sephiroth to hit his prostrate hard. Squall tensed, muscles tightening of their own accord as he called out his lover’s name and emptied himself between them. Above him, Sephiroth’s head dropped down as he came, growling Squall’s name as he poured his essences into the beautiful teen.

Body movements slowed by sated lust, the pair dressed again. Sephiroth’s shirt returned to the floor after it was used to clean them off and Squall’s head found it’s way to the older man’s lap as he curled up on the seat. Sephiroth carefully drew his fingers through the tousled brown locks as he drove.

Pulling into the driveway of Squall’s home, Sephiroth sighed as he watched the brunette try to open the door to leave the cab. Getting out and coming around to help the younger man, green eyes crinkled in amusement as the brunette’s legs refused to take his weight. Helping him to stand, they made their way to the door. He was about to turn and leave when he found himself restrained by a hand in his hair. He looked down into smoky blue eyes and smirked at the rising lust he saw there.

“Now, I want you,” Squall said as he opened the door and dragged the older man into the house, lips locked in a fierce kiss.

Sephiroth went in willingly. He didn’t have to work in the morning.

The door closed behind them.


Notes from Gnome: Ahem…well, that was fun. First time I’ve used other characters besides FF8. So now I have a Sephy muse in the Grotto to play with the other bois. Hmmm, if they keep having orgies on the mossy floor then I’ll have plenty of material for fics. *grins* Hope you all enjoyed it and wasn’t too disturbed by the few male/female pairings that were tossed in. Thanks to Cat for suggesting the Rai/Quisty pair. That was good! Everyone now has my permission to go have a cold shower. Laters ^_~