Final Fantasy viii


Book of Love
Pairing/s - Irvine/Squall + others
Valentine's Day ficcage
Series of short stories - incomplete
Irvine gives Squall a book of love vouchers as an early Valentine's gift.
Let the fun begin.

Voucher 1 Voucher 11 Voucher 21 Voucher 31
Voucher 2 Voucher 12 Voucher 22 Voucher 32
Voucher 3 Voucher 13 Voucher 23 Voucher 33
Voucher 4 Voucher 14 Voucher 24 Voucher 34
Voucher 5 Voucher 15 Voucher 25 Voucher 35
Voucher 6 Voucher 16 Voucher 26 Voucher 36
Voucher 7 Voucher 17 Voucher 27 Voucher 37
Voucher 8 Voucher 18 Voucher 28 Voucher 38
Voucher 9 Voucher 19 Voucher 29 Voucher 39
Voucher 10 Voucher 20 Voucher 30 Voucher 40
Voucher 41 Voucehr42

For Keeps

Pairing - Irvine/Squall (others mentioned in passing) B'day ficcage written for Irvy! 24/11/03 Irvine is forced to celebrate his birthday without his lover...or is he? Clubbing kinkiness!

In The Cards

Pairing - Irvine and Squall and other pairings. Multi-part fic set months after the end game events. A new danger is threatening the Garden students. How will they win when the trouble comes from within?

Part One Part Two Part Three Part Four Part Five

Part Six Part Seven Part Eight Part Nine Part Ten


In The Wrist

Pairing - ItC Irvine/Squall Drabble Request for Scribblemoose
I just like the idea of relaxed!squrivine.

Peanut Butter

Pairing/s - ItC Irvine/Squall & Seifer/Zell Drabble Request for Nekofreak
irvine: hehe squall! no not the peanut butter!

Mistletoe Madness

Pairing/s -'ll see ^_~ Definite eventual Irvine/Squall Christmas themed fic. Will be multipart when more is written...part 1 of 4 or 5 Irvine tries to endure the trials of Selphie's fun with mistletoe. Kiss the cowboy!

Mistletoe Madness 2

Pairing/s - *sigh* a warning would spoil the surprise Christmas themed fic. Will be multipart when more is written...part 2 of 4 or 5 When actions speak louder than words.

Mistletoe Madness 3

Pairing/s - if you've read previous parts, you'll have an idea Warnings: ANGST! Lemon (finally) New Years themed fic. Will be multipart when more is written...part 3 of 4 or 5 Between Christmas and the New Year, there are too many days.


Pairing/s - Irvine/Squall, Seifer/Zell Scarlet Seduction IxS Competition 1000 word ficlet challenge Squall can play more than just Triple Triad


Pairing/s - Irvine/Squall/Selphie Giftfic for Scribblemoose Selphie gets punished by Irv and Squall

Real Dreams

Pairing/s - Irvine/Squall + others B'day ficcage for Irvine 2004 Irvine's gets more than just a dream from Squall.

Squall Leonhart and the Seven Shumi

Won honorable mention at Yaoicon 2004 Pairing - Irvine/Squall Rating PG-13 Based on the Brothers Grimm version of Snow White When the royal heir to the Estharian throne out-shines her daughter, the jealous Queen seeks to make her child the 'fairest of all'.


Pairing - Irvine/Squall Drabble Request for Hope


Pairing - Irvine/Squall Drabble Request for SP

Midflight Interlude Pairing - Irvine/Squall; implied Seifer/Zell, Kiros/Laguna Mile-high fic for Scribblemoose Irvine. Squall. In a plane. Irvine's frisky...

In The Good Doctor’s Lab Pairing - Irvine/Squall Request/challenge fic for Kenderlyn Squall and Irvine, sex in Odine's laboratory, and Squall has to say "Holiest Hyne in a stainless steel corset."


Feels Like Forever

Pairing - Laguna/Squall Warning - Obviously incest *smirks* Contains lemony goodness plus some angst Songfic (I guess) Moonlight dancing

Morning Romp

Pairing - Laguna/Squall Guna's b'day ficcage *grins* What better way to spend a morning?


Pairing - Laguna/Squall Valentine's Day ficcage Written for Scribblemoose's Flake fic challenge Playing with sweet treats


Squall’s Smile Pairing - SxS, ZxI Squall's friends decide to help him find something they believe he's lost Contains citrusy stuff Yummy kisses from Seify!

Written for Sukunami's 'Life Series' If you've never read her fics, go now to the links page! Happy reading!

To The Winner 2.6
Young Isan outlasts Zell and Seifer pays the price
Kinky clothing with a Christmas theme
Ho! Ho! Ho!




A Day at the Fair
A day of extended family fun leads to a startling discovery
Mirrors and melted chocolate





To The Winner 2.9
Squall loses a bet while out for a day of family fun at a theme park
Mirrors and ice

To The Winner 2.8
Squall loses a bet while out with family and friends Hint of voyeurism (if you look at it with rose coloured glasses)
Smex in public places



Memories in the Mirror
Unable to reach his lover, Seveyn remembers happier times
Memorable massages


Pairing - Isan/Seveyn Drabble Request for Sukunami
Line: "It's machine washable - that's a new feature."


Pairing - Seifer/Squall Drabble Request for BnN
Line: "You'll never what hit you when I get to you."


Pairing - Seifer/Squall, Laguna Drabble Request for Roku
Line: "But...but I LIKE the purple ones!"


Red Is Not Racy
Pairings - Zell/Squall & Irvine/Seifer
The boys run out of fuel returning from a night out. What do you do for entertainment in the middle of nowhere with a cute guy?
Lemony goodenss - lots of! PWP
Kinky car sex

Night at the Drive-In
Sequel to 'Red Is Not Racy'
Pairings - Squall/Zell & Seifer/Irvine
Halloween hour-fic challenge for Fist and Ice
Lemon, PWP
A night out in a Garden car *grins*

Cowboys and Cream
Sequel to 'Racy' and 'Drive-in'
Pairings - Squall/Zell & Irvine/Seifer
A car-fic written for Seify's birthday!
Very PWP and much lemon.
Whoever said cream was for cakes?
*evil grin*!

A Dirty Shirt Moment
Squall POV
Written for the Fist and Ice y!group
Dirty Squall's Shirt Challenge
Tiny ficlet - 400 words or so.
Bit of Rin bashing and silliness and Squall admiring (perving) on Zell ^_~
The things that happen in battle...

Tricks and Treats
Pairing - Zell/Squall + ?
Halloween hour-fic challenge for Fist and Ice
Lemon, PWP, Squall in a skirt!
Selphie's idea of Trick or Treat - treasure hunt style

The Ring
Pairing - Squall and Zell
Squall POV of events during the game
Set right at the end of the game. Squall decides that just watching isn't what he wants anymore
Romantic 'awwww' moment

The Wish
Pairing - Squall and Zell
Zell POV of events during the game
Set during and after 'Ther Ring'
Wishes come true for our favourite tattooed blond
*dances* The sorceress couldn't hack it!

The Promise
Pairing - Squall and Zell
The Wedding! Yayness!
Contains lemony goodness
Fainting sorceress (again!)*snicker*
The honeymoon begins!

Within Your Arms
Pairing - Squall/ Zell
Sap/smut ficlet for Squall's birthday!
Lemonish...the aftermath of good sex.
Woohoo! Squally is the birthday boi!
Early morning on rainy days


Yellowed Glass

Pairing/s - Irvine/Zell Ficlet written as a companion to a gift from Lipstickcat ^_^ Zell remembers things


Pairing - Irvine/Zell Drabble Request for Cat
Line: "Does it hurt?"


Hitting Home

Pairing/s - Irvine/Squall, Seifer/Zell, implied Selphie/Xu KSW challenge story - condoms The gang prepare for teaching safe sex to the other students.

Hail and Ride

Pairings - Sephiroth/Squall, plus other various FF7/8 characters Written for the Silver-haired Bishies Yaoi list's fuh-q fest challenge. 'take the silver-haired bishie of your choice, put them in a setting you wouldn't normally find them, and get them laid' AU, implied het pairings plus yaoi Hot and steamy plus lemon An interesting cab ride home after a night out.


Pairing - Seifer/Zell Drabble Request for Cydling

Hands at Halloween Pairing - Seifer/Zell Request/Challenge fic for M Seifer/Zell "Is anyone missing a hand? Cos I just found this one on my ass!" A Halloween fic


Pairing - none Drabble Request for Skribe
Line: "Your boat's going down, you threw away the life jackets and you've sailed into foreign waters without a flare. What do you do?"


Pairing - Kiros/Laguna Drabble Request for R
Line: "I feel so pretty."

Oasis in the Desert Pairing - Kiros/Laguna Request/Challenge fic for Ponderosa Kiros and Laguna tangled together in a grassy field. Relaxing in Esthar

The Blacksmith’s Barrel Pairing - Ward/Irvine Request/Challenge fic for Lipstickcat Put them on a chocobo ranch. Something fluffy, though I don't mind if you feel like writing sex. AU fiction

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