Final Fantasy vii

Reclaiming Tomorrow
Pairing - Cloud/Vincent
Non-con - Sephiroth/Vincent
WARNING - non-con sex/rape mentioned.
Written for Vincent's birthday
Memories awakened before the final battle lead to other happenings.

Seduce Me
Pairing - Sephiroth/Cloud
Written for the Silver-Haired Bishie Yaoi y!group Halloween Hour-fic challenge.
Halloween celebrations months after saving the planet bring
an unexpected visitor to the party.
Embrace Me
Pairing Sephiroth/Cloud
Sequel to Seduce Me
Warning - Blood...and sex…

Christmas at Cosmo
Pairing: none or Cid/Vincent (if you squint)
Festive ficcage for the Yaoi_materia FF7 ml
General festive silliness and gift giving.

Hail and Ride
Pairings - Sephiroth/Squall, plus other various FF7/8 characters
Written for the Silver-haired Bishies Yaoi list's fuh-q fest challenge.
'take the silver-haired bishie of your choice, put them in a setting you wouldn't normally find them, and get them laid'
AU, implied het pairings plus yaoi
Hot and steamy plus lemon
An interesting cab ride home after a night out.

Pairing: Vincent/Cloud
Drabble request written for M
Vincent/anyone you like. Someone has to say; "Don't you try to outweird me, I get stranger things than you free with my breakfast cereal!"
Breakfast - FF7 style.

Brother’s Boy-toy
FF:AC collobrative shotafic by Garden's Gnome and Miss Kalloway
Loz/Yazoo/Denzel; Cloud/Denzel implied
Warnings: shota, non-con
“words... cannot describe... the happy. You two are dangerous.” wickedorin

Forgotten Days
KH Cloud/Leon fic for Sukunami
Leon x Cloud ficlet, preferraby some harder/darker... maybe something drunken and in a dark alleyway.
Also written for Cloud’s b’day

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