About Me

Well, seeing as though you're here, I guess you want to know something about myself. Little old me? I'm flattered. I've always been Gnome in some form or another: gnome, nome, nom, nomy, etc. The whole Garden Gnome thing stuck when I started my latest job (now 5½ years and still going *grin*) - I'm the shortest person on the crew. Does this worry me?


I just tell them to get me a bigger ladder, stilts, springs on my shoes or a jet pack (aka Worms Armageddon).


Stats in general....I suppose I could share some. ^_^

Name: Gnome (although answers to Hey You!)
Age: About that (over twenty anyway)
Birthday: April sometime, but yes, I am an Aries - go the fiery!
Height: Here's the real killer - a smidge over 5ft 1in
Likes: Chocolate, cats, horny Irvy, YAOI!, my playstation...of course.
Dislikes: Boredom, sweet potatoes (actually I really like them but I is allergic *pouts*)
Location: This particular breed of gnome be on the east coast of Australia (hence some strange terms when writing) ^_~

Have traveled to USA, Canada, UK…usually after attending Yaoicon ^_^ Went in 2004, 2005...planning to go in 2006 and 2007.

Why Yaoi?: Got sick of reading the usual romance novels. Actually started with reading Cardcaptor yaoi first, then went to GW (which I still read heaps of) and ended up at FF. Also read some WK and Suikoden. Read and write yaoi for Final Fantasy 7, 8 & 10. I also rp Irvine and Lord Braska in a college style roleplay over on live journal.

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